Anarchist's Assemble

Anarchist's Assemble
or: V For Very, Very, Extraordinary

This weeks grab bag reveals V for Vendetta. Once upon a time, there was an anthology magazine from the UK called Warrior. I picked it up for the work of John Bolton but it was V for Vendetta that kept me coming back. V is a perfect example of lightning in a bottle where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The high contrast, chiaroscuro, noir look was tailor made to appeal to a Ditko fan like myself.

The lovely and talented V

Happy Trails

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Simply gorgeous "V" -- and I share your appreciation for John Bolton's work (loved his Marada the She-Wolf work in Epic Illustrated)!

Kusunoki's picture

Beautiful. But isn't it actually David Lloyd who you are channeling here?

Smitty's picture


I'd just never seen David's work before that point.  While it was my familiarity with John that caused me to pick up the book, It was, after reading, David's work on V that kept me coming back.

Not picking sides between John and David but, V was lightning in a bottle.



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