Backward Progress

Backward Progress
or: Deja Vu

The Tellos saga continues. I’d told Todd at the beginning that if he hit a spot where a scene had gone unassigned or became orphaned that I’d step in. Sure enough, someone had to back out so I’m plugging the hole.

I wouldn’t show pages but the old “bad guys conspire against the good guys” scene is hardly a spoiler. Thumbs are done at 2x3, layouts at 4.5x7 (50% of final art size) Next we flip the page, enlarge 200%, print on the back of the final page and trace off via lightbox. Thumbs are more purely math; Can I fit “X” story points into 3 pages? Layouts are where design and composition come in. In both instances I’m just blocking things out leaving actual details for the drawing/inking stages.

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Back to work.

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