Everybody Loves Loki

Everybody Loves Loki
or: The Big Sit

This weeks pick reveals another issue of the Marvel Universe. #6 or K_M to be specific. Looks like I did a couple pages here: Kro and Magneto. Of the others, I’ve already done Kang, Klaw, Kraven, and the Lizard... let’s go with Loki.

As long as we’re not on the subject... After Spider-Man throwing the Hudson River off his back in ASM #33, I’ve always thought the two most powerful shots in Marvel history were Big John Buscema’s Loki on his throne and Conan sitting on a log. Neither one doing anything other than sitting and looking at you. It was a lesson in character, that the threat can be scarier than the deed.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Happy Trails

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Jeffrey Bell's picture

John Buscema's Loki-on-throne from Silver Surfer #4 immediately came to mind when I saw this piece -- and that's meant as high praise, as I consider that issue to be one of the most beautifully pencilled (and inked, by brother Sal) comics in Marvel history!

Smitty's picture

Conan was a house ad.

SS#4 may well be Big John's masterpiece. He poured his heart and soul into it and, for reasons which beggar human understanding, Stan was not impressed (WTF!?!) John never invested himself in another book the same way again :(



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