If This Is Tuesday… 

If This Is Tuesday… or: D’oh! 

I’ve just been informed by eagle eye reader Gerry Turnbull that I forgot to post the other day. I could lay a bunch of reasons or excuses but the simple truth is that time and I have never been on speaking terms. The last time I knew what day of the week it was with any certainty was while rucksacking through Europe in 1981. Even then it was only once a week when you got kicked out of the hostel and found the entire continent had been closed for Sunday. I’m not kiddin’. They'd roll up the sidewalks and shut off the oxygen. It was closed for the day.

So... remember that spoiler shot of the Tellos Gang a few weeks ago. Well, here’s a spoiler spoiler. That shot’s not in the book anymore (the scene is, just not the shot) The first set of pages, where I had 3 years to finish, went smooth as glass. No changes to nuthin’. This set, with the darn dreaded deadline doom drastically descending is one set of revisions after the next. eek. But, hey, for what they’re payin’ me I’m happ... uh, wait a minute... I’m not gettin’ paid for this! All I got was a stupid shirt... oh, right - The KITTIES! Think of the kitties!

Remember folks, this a one and done deal. Those that don’t buy now will have no opportunity to buy later. There is no later.


Buy early, buy often, buy again. Hand them out to friends, family, junkies on the corner. Buy, buy, buy!

Sun’s up, must be bedtime.

Happy Trails,


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