the King of Sinful Sots

the King of Sinful Sots
or: Pass the Arsenic Sauce

Posting extra early because, well, I’ll be too busy tomorrow; gorging on toys and playing with my food. Much trouble to be found, secret plots to carry out, that sort of thing.

A big Merry, Merry - Bah, Humbug - and Cindy Lou Who to you and yours.

Where’s the roast beast?

Happy Trails
Smitty Claus

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Jason Caldwell's picture

To you and yours, the very best of the holiday season!

Bob Kennedy's picture

There's nothing like a smoking jacket to announce "I am up to no good."

Smitty's picture

My intentions are entirely dishonorable.


JUSTIN's picture

Just making sure the gremlins are being kept at bay.

Bill Banick's picture

Great pic!!!!


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