Look, Puppies!

Look, Puppies!
or: You Are Now In A Lecture Free Zone

I had a blistering editorial just about all ready to go, along with a brilliantly cutting cartoon concerning a topic du jour, when I thought, self, take your own advice, put some shut-up in your mouth and...

Hey LOOK! Over there. Puppies! A whole boxful of puppies!

See how the puppies make pretty girls appear out of nowhere. Aren’t puppies magical?

Happy Trails,


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Gerry McDade's picture

Thanks for a good laugh. Would have enjoyed your scathing commentary. Holiday weekends are always improved by a good scathe.

Smitty's picture

It was one of those subjects where the lines are drawn, trenches dug, no one is going to change sides… 

Schadenfreude over backpfeifengesicht is rampant enough as it is (and get off my lawn). That's my rant for the day.


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