shhh... it's a secret!

shhh... it's a secret! 
or: Warning! SPOILERS Ahead! 

The Secret Friends of 'Ringo! 

I get an E-mail from Todd Dezago. He wants to do a multi-artist Tellos book in memory of our fallen brother-in-arms, the late Mike Wieringo; all proceeds going to Mike's favorite cause: The ASPCA. Would I like to play? "Count me in," is my reply. 

Thing is, it's gonna take some time to pull this off. There's a lot of people involved. Volunteers all. We don't want word of this getting out until the book is ready to go. "You don't talk about Fight Club," was taken, so, we adopt, "shhh... It's a secret," as our motto and pledge. "The Secret Friends of 'Ringo!" was born. 

That was two and a half years ago! 

Today, Friday, February 17 at 9:00 am, Eastern Standard Time (think New York City time for our international readers) we open the clubhouse to the public-at-large! Remember that's 9:00 am, EST! No early entries allowed!!! 

And remember, shhh... it's a secret! 

Happy Trails 

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Jeff Scifert's picture

Terrific cause and terrific way to remember Mike! Consider them purchased!

Anand's picture

Congratulations on your contribution to this project and for keeping a secret for more than two years! Your ability to keep a secret probably disqualifies you from getting a job with this current administration. ;)

-- Anand


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