Absent Friends

Absent Friends

or: Love and Mercy


Between James Bama, Neal Adams, Ivy Ratafia McCloud and now, George Perez, it's been a sad couple of weeks in fantasyland. I know no one lasts forever, I get that was the deal but, sometimes, the deal just sucks.


To those who've moved on and to those left behind, love and mercy.


Happy Trails


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Tony's picture

It truly has been a tough year so far for us comic fans. Over here in the UK we recently commiserated the passing of one of our own, the multi-talented Garry Leach. It's a blessing that all of them live on through their work, but still, it'd be much nicer to have them around instead. Let's raise a glass to them when we can. Fantastic Kitty by the way! :)
Matt Dicke's picture

It has been a rough couple of months. And just recently Tim Sale. At least all these creators left some amazing work behind. Love this one and the feet tell a great story on their own. Beautiful piece.


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