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Sketchbook Follies or: Vault Diving Got nuthin' ready to go so it's off to the vaults and a sketch from 1986 Happy Trails Smitty

Down the Rabbit Hole or: From Here to Infirmity I hadn't planned on last weeks drawing acting as a lead in to the total collapse of logical... READ MORE

The Big Silly or: Serious as a Frog Attack Marvel Teamup #131 was, if not a product of assistant editor's month, certainly worthy of same.... READ MORE

Hat Happy or: Under Cover Just practicing for the day that hats come back into fashion. Happy Trails Smitty

Madripoor Madness or: Of Swashbucklers and Samurai This one put up a fight but, because my heart is pure, my strength is that of ten Grinches... READ MORE

Out of Time or: So Close...   Thought I was going to have something shiny and new to show but... it's not going to happen. If I rush... READ MORE

Days of Sand and Lotions or: Silly is as Silly Does I have neither excuse or explanation. Sometimes... things happen Happy Trails Smitty

My Favorite Things or: Get Some Slop In There This week we're going with a blast from the past in the form of X-Men Unlimited #50 which was... READ MORE

Flight of the Phoenii or: Firebirds Rising In honor of the recent solar flares and auroras (not really but that's a better story than... READ MORE

Phoenix Fun or: Mothers and Daughters For some reason I'm fading fast tonight. I'm going to bed early Happy Trails Smitty

Everything Old is New Again or: New and Improved A re-imaging of everyone's favorite mutant re-cast. Happy Trails Smitty

Buggin' Out or: the Swarm Let's see, where were we...? Oh yeah, the skies were blackening with hordes of big ol' bug ugly, well,... READ MORE

Slitherin' Sleazeoids or: Back to the Beginning I'd had a few comics jobs under my belt by the time I got corraled into the world of... READ MORE

Fab Four Fun or: Dragon Day Afternoon This one was for funsies. Dragon Man has long been one of my favorite characters, I was in a mood and,... READ MORE

Fledermaus Funnies or: Great Gigglin' Gargoyles It was a dark and stormy night. (Sorry, couldn't help myself) Seems everyone's... READ MORE

Avengers Assemble or: End Act One Something of a bookend to the JLA denouement piece (the part of the story after the climax but before "... READ MORE

Green Day or: Space Blarney Gonna sneak this one out early. Happy St Patrick's Day! Happy Trails Smitty

The Denouement or: It Was Thi-i-i-s Big We've hit the trifecta of insomnia, daylight savings time and calendar dyslexia. It's time to... READ MORE

British Invasion or: Crisps and Beer and Rock-n-Roll There is, I'm sure, a fascinating and hilarious story that goes along with this but,... READ MORE

Temple Tantrum or: Who's That Knocking at My Door Knock, knock. Who's there? Juggernaut. Juggernaut who? Juggernaut be tryin' to... READ MORE

Swashbucklers in Arms or: Of Swords and Sail Cloths Once more unto the breech! Happy Trails Smitty

Over the Rails or: One More Time How bout those... CHIEEEEEEFS!?! Credit the Niners with making it exciting. They mauled the Chiefs offensive... READ MORE

The Rising or: Now What... I hate bye weeks. All wound up with nowhere to go. Insert Final Jeopardy Theme here... Doo dee do dodoo doo dee doo... READ MORE

Bring on the Bad Guys or: Quoth the Raven, "D'Oh!" How 'bout those CHIEEEEEEEFS! The Mighty Chefs have slow cooked the Black... READ MORE

Yo Ho Ho or: Shiver Me Timbers The Mighty Chefs have buffaloed the Bills and for one more week, all is right with the world. Happy Trails... READ MORE

ARRRRRR or: A Pirate’s Life For Me   Avast ye swabbies! Everybody’s favorite pirate, the lovely and larcenous Cap’n... READ MORE

The Gang’s All Here or: You Look Familiar   Got a request for a re-creation of the cover for Marvel Age #32. We went with a re-... READ MORE

Happy New Year or: @#$%! Nuthin like starting off the new year with a big AW, CRAP! Work computer is acting buggy and it looks like I'm... READ MORE

See You Next Year

Dear Everyone, Here's hoping you have better things to do tonight than hang out here. See you next year. Happy Trails Smitty

Super Secret Santa Patrol or: Merry Christmas Worry not boys and girls, I have it on good authority that Santa flies safe tonight. May your... READ MORE

Test Flight or: Layout Layover It's been a long week. I'm going to bed. Happy Trails Smitty

Bustin' Through or: Magnetic Personality Old buddies Cyclops and Magneto engaging in a friendly game of tag. In retrospect it's... READ MORE

Where Were We or: Shayera in the Sky with Diamonds Just to finish last weeks thought Happy Trails Smitty

High Flyin' High Jinks or: Dog Fighting for Diamonds Long weekend... I'm goin' to bed. Happy Trails Smitty  

No Admittance or: Pay No Attention To the Man Behind the Curtain   OK, Gaspar Saladino I'm not. Workin' on stuff that don't... READ MORE

Urban Renewal or: Tag, You're It The Chefs had the day off and still pulled ahead as everyone we wanted to lose accommodated. Starting to... READ MORE

Battle of the Century or: One More Thing The Chefs drop the Phins in Germany, standard time returns and all is right with the world... except... READ MORE

Well, That Ain't Right or: ??? The Donkeys of Denver have curb stomped my beloved Chefs and yet, somehow, the world still turns on it's... READ MORE

Yancy Street ReDucks or: Urban Renewal Run for your lives! Happy Trails Smitty

Yancy Street Polka or: Whatta Revoltin' Development It's Clobberin' Time! Happy Trails Smitty

Death Becomes Her or: Third Times the Charm This ones the result of a software glitch. Sometimes, multiple people will click on a sketch in the... READ MORE

Rocket Man or: Jumpin' Jodhpurs No big reason for this one (though I suppose the idea of the Chiefs facing off against the Jets may have... READ MORE

I Could Just Scream or: ARRRRRGH The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City are finally getting back on track and Fox decides to cut away to the Cowboys... READ MORE

Mimic Me This or: Facsimile Follies Sticking with last weeks Pocket Book X-Men pull for no other reason than I always liked the Mimic and you... READ MORE

Copy Clash or: the Great Pretenders This weeks grab is a Marvel Digest Series X-Men Pocket Book #24 from our friends across the pond. Which... READ MORE

Happy Birthday or: the Big 7-0 Hope you're all enjoying the Long Holiday Weekend in celebration of my birthday. You're welcome. I'm... READ MORE

Victory in Defeat or: Inmate # P01135809 Just a friendly reminder that the failure of the 1923 Beer Hall putsch is where the Nazi party got... READ MORE

It's Auctionin' Time or. Bid, Bid, Bid! Buy, Buy, Buy! Coming soon to an auction house nowhere near most of you but, that's why I... READ MORE

On Patrol or: More Like KP Had some company over the weekend. Had to police my area. Comics spread about the house now neatly stacked up. Atop... READ MORE

Local Villain or: Hi-Flyin' Hi-jinks The Green Goblin wasn't the most powerful villain. He never tried to blow up the world or take over... READ MORE

Lions, Tigers, No Bears or: Tag, You're It   Unlike most of Spidey's rogues gallery, Kraven wasn't interested in money,... READ MORE

Smoke and Mirrors or: Man of Mystery   More mysterious madness from the hands of Steve Ditko. The master of special effects, Mysterio.... READ MORE

Feathered Justice or: Red is For Raptor   Another delightfully deft and dramatic Ditko design; the Hawk from the Hawk and the Dove.... READ MORE

How Blue is My Beetle or: New and Improved   Another of my favorite Ditko designs, the new Blue Beetle. As an added bonus, this time we... READ MORE

Creepin' Out or: Laughter in the Night   After leaving Marvel and landing briefly at Charlton, Ditko follows Dick Giordano over to DC... READ MORE

Strange Creations or: Back Handed Compliments   While we can debate who did the heavy lifting on creating Spider-Man (Ditko, for the win... READ MORE

Anti-Jack or: Time Slip Posting a night early. Tomorrow's booked and I suspect I'll be hitting the rack early.   After a long... READ MORE

the Great Escape or: Sons and Fathers   We're going to end our ongoing KIrby-thon with Mister Miracle, the greatest of the Fourth... READ MORE

John Romita 1930 - 2023   More bad news. We’ve lost one of the giants. John Romita has passed away. I imagine most fans will... READ MORE

Elevator Madness or: Heart to Heart Bad news and good news. Seems our old buddy Barry Windsor-Smith (silly Brit that he is) went and had... READ MORE

Night of the Hunter or: Son of Darkness I've fallen into Kirby's brain and I can't get out. How does one guy come up with so many great... READ MORE

Big Boned Gal or: The Magicians Lovely Assistant Still on a Fourth World kick. This week we're going with the better half of Mister Miracle, Big... READ MORE

Pest Control or: A Pair of What?   Still on a Fourth World kick as this week we go with Darkseid's Para-Demons.   Are we... READ MORE

Don't Be Cruel or: Big Damn Head   Sticking with the Apokolips theme. So many cool characters to choose from. Kalibak the Cruel... READ MORE

Heart of Darkness or: The (Anti) Life of the Party   Too darn lazy to go pick a new book this week, I'm stickin' with last weeks... READ MORE

Make Apokolips Great Again or: Justify This   Jack tried to warn us. He warned us in the 40's. He did it again in the70's. If he... READ MORE

Greetings or: Boola Boola   When I was a teen, the most frightening word in the English language was, "Greeting" which was... READ MORE

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or: Ghosts of Stars Past   Green Lantern #73 is this weeks draw from the Long Box of Mystery. Green Lantern... READ MORE

Opposing Storms or: Winter Surfing, Summer Skiing   This one's for recent weather. Spring want's to come, winter doesn't want... READ MORE

Of Polecats and Owlhoots or: What's This Book Doing Here   This week the Longbox of Mystery reveals Rawhide Kid #139 and, for the... READ MORE

Birds of a Feather or: Behind Every Good Man...   Just balancing out last weeks post...   Happy Trails Smitty

Wingin' It or: the Hawkman Cometh   Cause I can... and you can't stop me.   Happy Trails Smitty

Under Control or: Mind Power   Back to the Long-Box of Mystery which this week reveals the Invincible Iron Man #13, the conclusion of a... READ MORE

Nightmare Scenario or: It Was All a Bad Dream   If you'll remember, last week, just as I was getting ready to post, my workstation... READ MORE

Technical Difficulties or: The Big Fried Circuit   It’s been coming for a while but, my workstation has finally gone to live on a... READ MORE

Power Up or: Villain For Hire   This week, the Long Box of Mystery reveals the Avengers #22. It seems that, last issue, one of the late... READ MORE

The Lethal Lancer or: Stuck in the Middle   It's back to our regular broadcasting schedule and the grab bag which, this week, reveals... READ MORE

INVINCIBLE! or: Yea Us - Boo You   How 'bout those... CHIEEEEFS!   The Mighty red and gold Chefs of Kansas City have cooked... READ MORE

Sorry guys, Uncle Smitty isn't feeling draw-a-licious tonight. I'm turning in early   Happy Trails Smitty

Kick the Cat or: Yee Haw @ GEHA   The Bengals bungled, Burrow’s been buried and, once again, all is right with the world.  ... READ MORE

Peerless Pearson or: I Heard It Through the Grapevine   Well, foo! I just found out we've lost another brother-in-arms. It seems... READ MORE

Here Kitty, Kitty or: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright   It's the old careful-what-you-wish-for trick. All I wished for going into... READ MORE

Jumpin' Jaguars or: Unstruck Lightning   Jags over the Chargers? Who saw that coming? Not me but, then again, I didn't watch the... READ MORE

Lucky #3 or: Did We Win Growing up I was the number three son, played first base (that's # three on your scorecards) and batted third. This... READ MORE

Happy New Year or: the Big Reset   So far so good...   Happy New Trails Smitty

Merry Christmas and a Hulkin' New Year!   Posting early for what should be obvious reasons. If I want you-know-who to you-know-what... READ MORE

Tis the Season or: A'Who-ing I must go   Off to stalk the mystical Roast Beast. Prisons and workhouses, Woo Hoo!   Happy... READ MORE

Have Yourselves a Commie Little Christmas or: A Louse of a Spouse   It sounds odd now (Alex Raymond/Hal Foster guy that I am) that it... READ MORE

Gone With the Wind or: Blow the Man Down   This ones for the gods of the air which graciously left the house standing even if they did... READ MORE

Back From the Stone Age or: Bring Back My Dinos To Me   This weeks reveal from the Longbox of Mystery is Turok the Hunted #1 of 2.... READ MORE

Puttin' On My Top Hat or: the Power and the Parasol   D'oh! Forgot to scan the layout ...   This weeks grab is issue #6 of... READ MORE

Marshall Law or: REJECTED!   I've had my work... edited... a few times over the years. In Hollywood it was usually about... READ MORE

Whip It Good or: Regrets, I've Had a Few   This weeks grab bag brings up Astro City #16 starring El Hombre who, by all appearances,... READ MORE

What a Man's Gotta Do or: Nuthin' to See Here   Yeah, I've posted this one before but, life's what happens to you while... READ MORE

Day of the Locust or: A Plague Upon Your Houses   Eeney, meeney, miney, moar, this weeks pick, X-men 24. Shades of THEM, Hollywood's... READ MORE

Valiant Vinnie or: You Almost Lost Me There   This one's for Valiant Vinnie Colletta who just had a birthday a couple days ago. While... READ MORE

Such a Deal or: Get’em While They’re Hot   For interested parties here’s the website for the Baltimore Comic Con... READ MORE

Save Your Shekels or: Bid Early, Buy Often   Got a call from Scott Dunbier. Seems the Hero Initiative is having an art auction, he wants... READ MORE

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright or: All Fall Down Go Boom   This weeks Grab brings up Marvel Chillers #3 starring Tigra as drawn by my old... READ MORE

Lady Fate or: @#$%! Amazon   Sticking with last weeks pull on the Ladies JSA in Starman. I don't know that we ever actually gave her... READ MORE

Lady Star or: Is That My Shirt   This weeks grab brings up Starman #69 and the Ladies Auxiliary of the JSA. Gotta love a gal in uniform... READ MORE

Static Energy or: Happy National Smitty's Birthday Day   Hope you all have been enjoying the 4 day national holiday that is my... READ MORE

Island of Misfit Monsters or: Dragonville   Sticking with Mutants 101 because Dragonman is just too much fun.   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Boisterous Beast or: the Walking Thesaurus   Sticking with last week's X-theme if for no other reason than it's the first memory... READ MORE

A Skaggle of Skrulls or: Alien Academy   This week is another pick-up rather than a grab bag. The wonderful folks at FedEx left a copy of... READ MORE

Gone Girl or: the Cutting Floor   Seems the Batgirl movie has had the rug pulled out from under it. Given the stinkers that DC has put... READ MORE

Have Some Strange or: Screw Fascists   This weeks grab is Strange Tales 137. Not in the mood for fascists tonight so, no Hydra for you... READ MORE

All Caps or: Under Cover   Watching South Pacific I find myself suffering a severe case of Cap Captivation.   Happy Trails Smitty... READ MORE

It's a Miracle or: Whistle While You Work   Not so much a grab bag as a "look what I found" whilst on KP. From Warrior... READ MORE

What To Draw or: Grumpy Old Man Alert, Run Away   Going back to the grab bag we come up with a copy of Nightwing that I'm not going... READ MORE

Step Three or: Spotting Blacks   You may have noticed that last week's upload was less than finished. My brush, which had been... READ MORE

Dreaded Deadline Doodles or: Think Fast   I really thought this was a day away...D'oh!   Have some doodles   Happy... READ MORE

Tim Sale   We've lost another one. I only met Tim once in passing but stand in awe of his design abilities and storytelling. To his... READ MORE

Mr. Fix-It or: the Rack Bone’s Connected to the Pinion Bone   I’ve been a productive boy lately. I’ve replaced the... READ MORE

Goom Patrol or: Left Turn at Albuquerque   This kinda-sorta started out as Dragon Man and then went… sideways.   Happy... READ MORE

I Am Groot or: Have Chipper Will Travel   Last weeks slush storm left me buried in fallen trees. I’m cleaning up as best I can but... READ MORE

You Are Iron Fist or: a Fistful of Iron   Sorry guys, I blew scan on the blue-line drawing so, no blue for you.   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Little Green Big Man or: Tha is For Thark   Have a Thark.   Happy Trails Smitty

Absent Friends or: Love and Mercy   Between James Bama, Neal Adams, Ivy Ratafia McCloud and now, George Perez, it's been a sad couple... READ MORE

Seismic Shift or: Reinventing Comics   Well, foo. Neal Adams has shuffled off this mortal coil. Neal did more than reinvent every... READ MORE

the Fin, the Fang and the FOOM or: Alliterative Alien Alert   Because I can...  and you can't stop me.   Happy Trails,... READ MORE

Insomnia Blues Reducks or: Sleepy Time   Lack-O-sleep is catching up with me. Have some layouts from X-Factor 46.   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Strawberry Blondes Forever or: The Girl in the Peek-a-Boo Dress   I'm sticking with the Magnus theme this week. I could say I'm... READ MORE

Back to the Future or: the Well Dressed Man   t's back to the grab bag which reveals the Manus, Robot Fighter's first Yearbook by... READ MORE

Night Out or: No New For You   Got's stuff to do tonight. Have a blast from the past. From X-Factor 46   Happy Trails smitty... READ MORE

Yellow and Blue Part Two or: the Bigger They Are...   Ukraine continues to survive. Amazing. If Putin had any interest in defeating Nazis... READ MORE

Daylight Stupid Time or: Where’d I Leave That Hour   I hate daylight stupid time. I go to drown my sorrow in cream cheese coffee... READ MORE

Yellow and Blue or: EFF Putin   Amazingly, Ukraine is still standing despite Putin and the best efforts of our former Traitor-in-Chief,... READ MORE

the Big Flight or: From Animation to Comics   What turned out to be the first issue of the Falcon mini-series was my 3rd job at Marvel... READ MORE

African Queen or: Mohawk and Leathers   The first time I drew Storm in Marvel Fanfare #4 it never occurred to me that she wasn’t... READ MORE

Show Me the Money or: I’m Black and I’m Proud   While the Black Panther somewhat slipped under my radar, Luke Cage stood out... READ MORE

the Great Black Hope or: Walkin’ Thru a Wankandan Wonderland   I have to admit that when the Black Panther first showed up in the... READ MORE

the Big Sleep or: So Close   The Bagels toast the Chefs. Foo.   After a promising start the Chiefs offense completely disappears... READ MORE

What, Me Worry? or: Sing, Fat Lady, Sing   I wasn't worried for a minute. I was too terrified to be worried. At the two minute... READ MORE

Don't  Make Him Angry or: Poking the Bear   What started as a snoozefest of a punt-A-palooza turned ugly quick when the Steelers... READ MORE

Follow the Bouncing Ball or: Momentum   Just when it looked like the Broncos were going going to break their 12 game losing streak... READ MORE

January 6  or: Beer Hall Buttheads Re-Ducks    Let’s remember kids, 1923’s failed Beer Hall Putsch isn’t when... READ MORE

Bulk Sad or: Can't Win'em All   Well, foo. The Chiefs finally drop one but the AFC West is still theirs. I blame the networks. If... READ MORE

Sleeping Beauty or: If I Should Win Before I Wake   I read the Chiefs played a beautiful game. I had to read about it because in my neck... READ MORE

Here's hopin' you get all the toys you can eat   Merry Christmas and Happy Trails Smitty Klaus

Play Dead or: Bye, Bye, Who’s Got the Bye   Just a few weeks ago the Chiefs getting a wild-card spot was looking iffy…... READ MORE

Crushed or: Let's Dance   The bus ride around the stadium, I get. I thought it was kinda' funny. Dancing on the Arrowhead...... READ MORE

For George   Hard news on the George Perez front. Best wishes to all involved. Smooth sailing, George.   Happy Trails, Smitty

Crimson Yawn or: Beating a Dead Horse   Not the most dynamic win but, I'll take it, especially with the Chargers still nipping at our... READ MORE

Looking Ahead or: Bye Week Sucks   Nothing to watch this week with the Chiefs on Vacation but at least the rest of the AFC West stayed at... READ MORE

Matriculation Madness or: the Return of Martyball   Well, didn't see that one coming. What many felt was going to be the offensive... READ MORE

Heart of Darkness or: Death Star Down   Only thing better than the Raider’s losing is the Chiefs winning. Only thing better than... READ MORE

Big Green or: Does Whatever He Thinks He Can   Sometimes, things just fall out.   Happy Trails Smitty

the Big BOO! or: Sugar on Sunday   HAPPY CANDYMAS!   Happy Trails Smitty

Now You See Me or: Burst My Bubble   Yoiks. Things aren't good down at 12th St and Vine. KC's shot at the bye is gone, the West... READ MORE

Campfire Stories or: Forgotten Tales of Yesteryear    I feel like turning in early tonight so, no new for you.    So,... READ MORE

Flying Tomatoes or: Murphy's Law   Well, foo.   The KC Tomatoes go SPLAT against the Snowmen of Buffalo. Everything that could... READ MORE

From the Ashes or: Alive Again   A big Tom Slick cheer (yea) for The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City who are, if not risen from the... READ MORE

Get Well Big Red or: Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger   A hearty get well soon to Big Red, coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chefs, who... READ MORE

Star Light, Star Bright or: Spare the Rod...   More Golden Age goodness with Starman. (stupid Chefs…arrrgh)   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Johnny B Quicke or: The Magic Formula   Sticking with the ongoing Golden Age theme I'm going with Johnny Quick for this weeks sketch... READ MORE

The Hawkman Cometh or: Scowl On The Cowl   One of the "joys" in working on the Golden Age was the constant interference from... READ MORE

It's Good To Be The King or: Happy, Happy, Jolly, Jolly   Happy Birthday to the King of Comics, Jolly Jack Kirby!   Happy... READ MORE

Dyn-O-mite or:  the American Dream   The war was over, the battle had just begun. In America’s darkest hour she would need her... READ MORE

Let's Dance or: Sing Hallelujah   Watching Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in Summer Stock and this fell out. They don't make'm... READ MORE

Gerudo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight or: Hylian Holiday   I've fallen down the Zelda hole. I'm a bad boy.   Happy... READ MORE

Smiling Faces or: Say Cheese   Smile. You have something better to do?   Happy Trails Smitty

Look, Up In The Sky or: Of Mice And Mxyzptlks   Happy Trails Smitty

Missed It By That Much or: This Is How Accidents Happen   So close... and yet so far. I really thought I'd pull this off tonight but... READ MORE

No Admittance or: Authorized Personnel Only   Super jeanyus at work. Do not disturb.   Happy Trails Smitty

The Return of the Magnificent Seven... and a Half or: It Was Thi-i-i-i-s Big   Been a while since I worked twice up, let alone bigger.... READ MORE

Rising From the Grave or: If Looks Could Kill When last we met I had just murdered a poor innocent commission.  Historically speaking, my... READ MORE

Well, That Didn't Work or: Now What...   No, I'm not crying... you're crying. Shut up, that's why! Everybody hates me,... READ MORE

It's CLOBBERIN' Time or: What I Did Over Summer Vacation   From the Thing's days on the wrasslin' circuit  ... READ MORE

A Night at the Circus or: The Night I Brought Down the Big Top Honest folks, I don't have Colossus on the brain. It's just the way the... READ MORE

Fastball Special or: Alley Oops   No grab bag this week, we're going with a recent commission instead.   Wash those hands, put... READ MORE

Love's First Kiss or: The Case of the Clueless Colossus   This weeks grab pulls up the Romance extravaganza from X-Men #174. As... READ MORE

Femme Fatale or: the Black Widow Waltz   This weeks grab bag is Daredevil #88 with Kilgrave, the Purple Man. He's purple, he... READ MORE

Zodiac Follies or: the Night They Took Manhattan   This weeks grab bag turns up the Avengers #82. International crime cartel the Zodiac... READ MORE

Thunder Mountain or: California Dreamin'   Thunder is rolling down the mountains and shaking the house like an earthquake. Days like... READ MORE

En Garde or: Get Behind Me Covid   I got spiked! Yea!   Not being a medical, emergency or essential worker and given that I haven... READ MORE

the Quick Freeze or: Springtime Surprise   Ah, the old things are getting warmer so you open up all the windows in the house and wake up... READ MORE

Loki Lullaby or the Gift of Sleep   Bad time on the sleep front last night. I'm checking out early tonight. From "the Gift... READ MORE

Lone Wolv and Cubby or: Seal of Approval   This weeks grab bag turns up X-Men Unlimited #50 by yours truly and, to some degree or another... READ MORE

Little Big Man or: Atomic Reset   This weeks grab pulls up the Atom #27. I don't know If he was the last but he was probably the... READ MORE

Color Me Astonished or: We All Live In An Iron Submarine   This weeks grab of Tales to Astonish #82 may not have been astonishing but it... READ MORE

The Destroyer or: Daylight Savings Sucks   I hate Daylight Savings. Daylight Savings needs to be destroyed. Drax the Destroyer to the... READ MORE

Return of Marvel Madness or: Calavcade of Captains   Like the tune you can't get out of your head I've got Captain Marvel on the... READ MORE

Mar-Vell Madness or: the Big Green Pickle   While wasting time on the web, I stumble on a post about the X-men's shift from a team... READ MORE

Mars Is A Rover or: Perseverance Pays Off   Maybe it's a generational thing but, the idea of landing a dune buggy and helicopter on... READ MORE

Whatta Revoltin Developement or: Hail Hydra   Well, that was disappointing if not unexpected. Every time I think the Republicans can'... READ MORE

SPLAT or: Heart of Darkness   Well, foo. The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City have collapsed like a bad souffle. Smitty is a sad panda.... READ MORE

Bye Week or: Insomnia Blues   Didn't get a lick of sleep last night and everything I try to draw looks like I didn't get a lick... READ MORE

Havin' A Party or: Do The Herc   I could say it's time to go back to the grab bag and how serendipity revealed Journey into... READ MORE

the Sun Will Come Up or: Better Days   Little Orphan Annie was right; the sun actually came up. Woo hoo!   A little over four... READ MORE

Time Starts Now or: No More Mulligans   My father was a 22 year old signalman when he sounded the General Alarm aboard the USS Ralph... READ MORE

Nixon’s Ghost or: Our Long National Nightmare   Some months ago, there was a home invasion outside Chicago. Two thugs enter a house... READ MORE

the Blame Game or: Look, Behind You   First, MAGA blamed Audie Murphy. Next MAGA blamed the Harlem Globetrotters in whiteface. Now MAGA... READ MORE

Xena To the Rescue or: TGIF   I never watched Xena but am now officially in love with Lucy Lawless and wish to bear her children. Kevin... READ MORE

the Beer Belly Putsch or: the Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich   Make no mistake, 1/6/2021 was a putsch, an attack on America and... READ MORE

the Infamous Day or: MAGA's Finest Hour   Well, that was interesting... but hardly surprising. This is exactly what The Virus-in-... READ MORE

the Impotent Don or: Offer Refused   T-16 days and counting.   Wash your hands and put on your @#$%! masks.   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Pardon Inc. or: Don Virus Corleone   I feel like we're trapped in a bad Cohen brothers film. No matter how moronic or murderous, no... READ MORE

Boo Hoo Cindy-Lou Who or: Keep Away   It's comforting to know that despite his ongoing battle to subvert the election and handing... READ MORE

Big Loser Losing Bigly or: the Long Whiff   Wash your hands and put on your @#$%! masks!   Happy Trails Smitty

the Long Con or: Circus of Death   The Trump virus is killing people with Pearl Harbor like numbers EVERY DAY while the virus-in-chief... READ MORE

Midnite Mulligan Madness or: Math Is Hard   Happy Trails Smitty

Playin' Thru or: Game of Death   Over a quarter million dead from the Trump virus... and the virus-in-chief plays golf.   A... READ MORE

Fun With Fascists or: Nattering Nazi Nutjobs   What if you held a 1 million incel Nazi march and nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine... READ MORE

The Big Count or: 1+1=2   What a week.    It’s good news, bad news on a national scale. Years ago, when starting on the... READ MORE

the Big V or: Last Exit To Sanity   Wash your hands, put on your #$%! masks and, for the love of Cindy Lou Who, vote the Virus out.... READ MORE

the Blame Game or: A Man Came In Through the Window, Dad!   Watching last nights 60 Minutes all I could think of was the old Bill Cosby... READ MORE

Eeny, Meeney, Miney, Moe and Jack or: the Twofer   How many stupid things could a stupid man say when a stupid man says stupid things?... READ MORE

Death Rally 2020 or: Ill Duce   Wash those hands, put on your @#$%! masks and, for the love of Cindy Lou Who, vote the virus out.... READ MORE

Stand By or: D-Day -1   "Surprise, surprise, surprise." Gomer Pyle   The V-i-C falling victim to the TrumpVirus is as... READ MORE

Transfer of Power or: The Treasure of Pennsylvania Ave   Happy Trails, Smitty

Under the Weather or: Silly Experts   Could this clown BE anymore stupid? (He asked in his best Chandler Bing)   Wash those hands... READ MORE

Fortunate Son or: Being Prepared is Stupid   “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning,... READ MORE

Liar Liar or: As the Nose Grows   The virus's contempt for all things American knows no bounds.   Wash those hands and put on... READ MORE

Fear Fest 2020 or: Nazipalooza   Hatred, violence, disease, insanity... That's all he's got.   Happy Trails Smitty

An Inconvenient Truth or: Now You Tell Us   You can bet your bottom dollar the RNC didn't meant to be honest but, I'm callin... READ MORE

Testing Testing 1-2-3 or: Stupid is as stupid does   The Virus-in-Chief literally (and I don't mean new fangled figuratively... READ MORE

Save Me or: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing   I'd trust Charlie Manson with a knife to my throat before I'd trust the Virus-in-Chief... READ MORE

The New Geography or: The Girl Next Door   Born in Kansas City and a fan of the Mighty Chefs (Great Googley Moogley) I’m... READ MORE

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Night Massacre or: All’s Dead That Ends Dead   160,000 dead is not enough for the Virus-in-Chief who is... READ MORE

the Man Who Would Be King or: Death’s Dark Crown   Not content with simply killing us all with the Trumpvirus, now the V-i-C wants... READ MORE

Natural Inclinations or: the Devil Made Me Do It   Just doin' what a virus has to do.   Happy Trails Smitty

So Much Winning! or: Stupid Science   Science can only stand in the way if we let it. Whatever the VIrus-in-Chief or his idiot sock... READ MORE

National Interest or: School Daze   He lasted longer than I thought he would but Dr Fauci has finally been thrown under the bus by the... READ MORE

Abject Surrender or: the Master Plan   Give up? This is the leadership we've been waiting for?   Happy Trails Smitty

If This Be Treason or: Stupid Is As Stupid Does   I said it here three years ago and I say it again…   Bigot, coward, liar... READ MORE

Who Was That Unmasked Man or: Lassie, Stay Home   Pardon me while I rant.   What’s with the nobody’s wearin’... READ MORE

the Point or: Mapping It Out   I’m just gonna play around tonight.    Of all the nibs in my arsenal, the mapping point... READ MORE

Helter Skelter or: NUTS!   Once again the Virus-in-Chief pushes to destroy democracy by making the opposition of fascism a crime. While... READ MORE

The Invaders or: Stingtime In the Rockies   Last week is was moths in the studio, this week it’s wasps in the bedroom. Little... READ MORE

Moth Madness or: Fun With Vacuums   I’m getting inundated by moths! They always show upon the spring but, every few years we get an... READ MORE

The Results Are In or: Testing Testing 123   Joker shows up on TV last night. Have to say I liked it better as the “King of Comedy... READ MORE

Lama Drama or: Run Away   We’ve got maybe good news and almost good news.   Maybe good news: Llama antibodies may be a... READ MORE

Drawer of Doodles or: Insomnia Blues   I’m takin’ the night off. From the files…   Happy Trails Smity... READ MORE

Bottoms Up or: Here’s Blood In Your Eye I said it before and I say it again - DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VIRUS-IN-CHIEF! Every week I think... READ MORE

Trumpandorf the Thief-Pig Or: the Triforce of Weakness, Stupidity and Cowardice   Like the rest of you I’ve been finding ways to... READ MORE

Don’t Follow the Leader Or: No Responsibility = No Credit   When last we met, the virus-in-chief was doing his level best to kill... READ MORE

Where's Dumbo? or: Stoopid Is As Stoopid Does   In last week's episode we learned that ignoring the virus-in chief was vital for... READ MORE

Orange Is the New Death or: Listen Up, Dipsh•ts   Whatever the Virus-in-Chief tells you to do, DON'T DO IT! Look to those he... READ MORE

Drain the Swamp or: Muck Amok   No Long Box this week. Like you, I'm just waitin' on the end of the world while the swamp king... READ MORE

1001 Asgardian Nights or: Mystic Mountain Madness   Thor 137 is still on the desk and I'm still amazed at just how much ... stuff..... READ MORE

Love and Warriors or: the Little Sister   Last weeks Long Box of Mystery selection, Thor 137, is still on the desk and I'm just too... READ MORE

I Was Trollin' Through the Park One Day or: Dude, Where's My Girlfriend   This weeks revelation from the Long-Box of Mystery is... READ MORE

Little Orphan Scotty or: Denouement and Interlude   Greetings campers. This weeks Long Box of Mystery reveals X-men 167. The X-folk have... READ MORE

The Cat and the Kitty or: The Sword and the Siamese   This weeks grab bag turns up the collected edition of Shadow and Flame. Kitty and... READ MORE

Monsters Unleashed or: Code Breakers   It's back to the Long Box of Mystery which reveals Amazing Spider-Man #102. As if or hero hasn... READ MORE

Great Googley-Moogley In the Morning or: THAT was a Pretty Good Day.   How 'bout those... CHIEEEEEFS!   Once again, they have... READ MORE

Bulk Bored or: Speed Waiting   Bulk hate stupid bye week. Bulk sulk.   Happy Trails Smitty

Can't Touch This or: Reject the Titans   How 'bout those... CHIEFS!   Once again, the Chiefs have to make things... READ MORE

Forcefully Irresistible or: Get Behind Me and Stay There   How 'bout those... CHIEEEEEEFS!   After a first quarter of... READ MORE

The Fix Is In or: When the Saints Go Marching Out   If I were a Saints fan I'd be mightily vexed about now. Refs should'a been... READ MORE

Color Me Shocked or: Two Games Are Better Than One   This weeks drawing comes courtesy of week 17 in the NFL. It was no surprise my... READ MORE

Knock, Knock or: Abandon All Hope...   This weeks dive into the Long-Box of Mystery reveals Strange Tales #126. Up first are the Human... READ MORE

The Big Drop or: Aw, Snap! I'm Dead   Don't you just hate when you wake up dead?   It's back to the Long-box of... READ MORE

(Not So) Merry Widow or: Whose Side Are you On Anyway   Just to finish off our trio of terribles.   Happy Trails  Smitty... READ MORE

Insomnia Blues or: the Man Who Couldn't Sleep   Sorry girls and boys but, Uncle Smitty hasn't gotten a lick of sleep in the last... READ MORE

Fellowship of Fiends or: Have Blade Will Travel   I'm too lazy to go to the boxes. Let's just play off last week's Powerman... READ MORE

Who's Got the Power or: Name That Goon   This week, the Long-Box of Mystery reveals The Avengers #22 starring our new (not) pal,... READ MORE

Bring on the Brood or: Silent Thunder   This week, the Longbox-of-Mystery reveals X-Men 165, my first official X-Job. When I brought in... READ MORE

Family Night or: No New For You   Posting Early because Family's in town. Off to the big city to watch the game.   Have some... READ MORE

Skeleton Crew or: Creature Features   So, I'm searchin' through the DVR's movie library, thinkin' I'd find a good... READ MORE

Here Come Ol' Flat Top or: Heroic Geometry   This weeks grab bag turns up Marvel Universe #3 starring the Invaders and sporting a... READ MORE

Kid Flash or: the Big Bang-Up This weeks grab-bag reveals X-men vs Teen Titans, one of the earlier Marvel/DC crossovers. After the Wizard of Oz... READ MORE

Fetch-A-Sketch or: Doodle Roundup   Sorry kids, Uncle Smitty's not in the mood for drawing against the clock tonight. As an apology,... READ MORE

Over the Rainbow  or: Oooh, Colors   Back to the grab bag! This weeks pull Is Mark Evanier and Will Meugniot's DNAgents #4... READ MORE

Cleanup On Aisle Twelve or: One More Thing   Schmutz patrol on this one just kept going and going. Every time I think it's done... d... READ MORE

One, Two, EEK! or: the Process   My least favorite job, of all time, in all the world, no exceptions, is whatever I'm working on at... READ MORE

To the Batcave or: Long Night in Crime Alley   Have a smilie :) Heck, have another :) Everybody's friends now, right?   Now,... READ MORE

Your Other Left or: Reservoir Dogs   My neighbor and I took a march up to the reservoir today. In theory we were going to run his dog... READ MORE

Show Me the Money or: the Odd Couple   Back to the grab bag. This weeks pick is Powerman and IronFist #67. It's the old 2-fer-one... READ MORE

the Doublespeak of Dachau Donnie or: the Road to New Nuremberg    Hey, Donnie: NUTS!   Smitty

Sons of Donald or: Fun With Fascism    Breaking news! Being anti fascist is a form of terrorism!    Ike was a terrorist... READ MORE

the Wolverite or: the Littlest Killer Back to the grab bag which this week reveals X-Men Super-sized Annual #12. #12? There were 11 before this... READ MORE

Lather, Rinse, Repeat or: Uncomfortably Numb   Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton, Chicago... not a good week to be an innocent bystander in America... READ MORE

Passin' Thru or:Burn, Brood, Burn   I'm late, I'm late for a not so important date but, I'm going anyway... have a post... READ MORE

Fly Me to the Moon or: The Ride Home   I first stumbled across this piece about a year ago but decided to hold onto it for the Apollo 11... READ MORE

Unfinished Business or: Re-Up   Found this lying around alone and unprotected and thought I'd finish it up.   Happy Trails... READ MORE

Greetings or: Winning the Lottery   The universe has a oblique sense of humor. On this 4th(ish) of July the grab bag reveals the Nam #12... READ MORE

Blast From the Past or: Passing Through Family's visiting so no new sketch for you. Instead we'll dig into the archives and present the original... READ MORE

The Howling or: @#$%! I live in the Land of Broken Things :( The fans on my computer are howling like a banshee! It's not overheating. Simple... READ MORE

Shazap or: Body Swap 
 This weeks dive into the Long-Box of Mystery reveals Captain Marvel #31. Not the original Big Red Cheese you understand... READ MORE

Marvelous Maneely or: It's Just a Scratch Once again we don our blindfold and plunge into the Long-Box of Mystery to reveal... Fantasy... READ MORE

Thick Skinned or: the Raging Rhino It's back to the Long Box of Mystery which reveals issue 41 of the Amazing Spider-man. John Romita,... READ MORE

Little Green Men or: A Cow's Best Friend... No excuse, really. Sometimes stuff just falls out. Have a Skrull. Happy Trails Smitty

Depraved Oysters or: Culinary Misadventures Not sure what I did. Left the chicken in the fridge too long? Under cooked? Maybe it was just a... READ MORE

Who Was That Masked Man or: Spidey, I Hardly Knew 'Ya Why do I do these things? I know it can't end well. 2500 movies on the TV stream... READ MORE

Tesla Power or: Barrel Full of Artists So I get a care package from my web-master. We'll call it the Mailbox of Mystery. Whatever could be... READ MORE

Snakes in the Grass or: Friends of Donnie The Long-box of Mystery™ has a perverse sense of humor. This weeks grab is the Avengers #33, the... READ MORE

Return of the Lady in Red or: Look What the Elves Left Struggling to find something wise or comforting to say about Sri Lanka. It’s getting to a... READ MORE

Lady in Red or: ...Under Construction I hear you knockin', but, you can't come in. It's a... safety issue. Happy Trails Smitty... READ MORE

Killing Floor or: Gladiators From Mars This weeks grab is Amazing Adventures 29 featuring Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. My strongest memory... READ MORE

Baby, It's Cold Inside or: Dreaded Deadline Doodle Just when I'm getting used to Daylight Stupid Time I wake up in the middle of the... READ MORE

That's Impossible or: Poppin' Off Back to the grab-bag which this week reveals: Fantastic Four #11. Marvel merrily mocks Mr Mxyzptlk as... READ MORE

Kiwis Unite or: Stupid Bigots ...I got nuthin'. Smitty

D*** Savings Time or: It Burns, It Burns Family (yea) insomnia (boo) and d*** savings time (double boo with stupid boo sauce) have wiped me out.... READ MORE

The Iceman Cometh or: Let it Snow I don't know about you guys but, I love the snow (assuming the pantry is stocked and I can hang in by the... READ MORE

the Ret-Con Configuration or: That Ain't What I Remember My biggest disappointment with the Golden Age was that Superman, Batman and Wonder... READ MORE

Heads,No Tails or: No One Told ME Not To Drop Kick the Baby Somedays you got it, some days you don't. This is a don't day... I killed... READ MORE

Man of Steel or: Ol' Rivet Head I'm feeling lazy tonight. Let's just stick to last week's Golden Age theme with the... READ MORE

Along Came a Spider or: Thrilling Tales of Yesteryear So, I get this e-mail the other day. Our ol' pal Gerry Turnbull has mocked up a poster... READ MORE

Split Second Timing or: the Gotham Glitch Theoretically, the shop area is set up to mark items as sold once they've been purchased.... READ MORE

Game Day or: Go Away We're posting early today because... Game Day! "Lefty" Mahomes and my beloved Kansas City Chiefs are going... READ MORE

Battling Bat-Buddies or: Red Headed Step-Bat This weeks grab brings up Detective Comics #369. I can't believe I bought this for the main... READ MORE

Atlantis Sinking or: Third Time's the Charm... Not This week's grab say it's King Kull #7. I don't believe it. The cover... READ MORE

Primary Colors or: All In Color For a Dime (Plus $2.40) Merry, merry. Happy, happy. Here's hoping you got all the toys you could eat. This... READ MORE

M'Kay or: the Second Last Stand of Camelot Back to the grab bag which this week reveals issue 5 (of 12) of Mike Barr's and Brian... READ MORE

Ghosts of X-Men Past or: River of Bones The unprinted cover for X-Men 453. I don't know this was rejected as much as someone just sent the... READ MORE

Willi's World or: the Man Who Took Things Apart From my 24 Hour Comic. Dad, my brother, Willi, and I shared one thing in common. We all got... READ MORE

House Call or: A Doctor a Day Keeps the Spirits Away Looks like the elves have been busy Happy Trails Smitty

Strange Visitations or: Elves in the Night Whatever could they be up to now...? Happy Trails Smitty

EXCELSIOR No More or: the Big Barker Well, foo. This puts a period to it all, don't it. We can debate 'till the Skrulls come home as to... READ MORE

Lean Times or: Barbarians and Basketballs This weeks pull brings up Conan the Barbarian #37. Big John Buscema has picked up the art chores after... READ MORE

Flight Path or: Fate's Phone Call This weeks grab bag reveals the Falcon limited series #2. That's me on the cover but Mark Bright... READ MORE

Fun With Lawyers or: Bigotry's Special Snowflakes Looks like I'm late to the party (again), you guys probably know more about this than... READ MORE

Ladies Night or: Doodling Damsels Sorry folks, too busy wallowing and gloating over tonight's game. Have some doodles. Great 7 weeks to be a... READ MORE

The Executioner's Song or: The Edge of Love This weeks blind grab brings up Journey Into Mystery #103 which introduces the dastardly duo,... READ MORE

One Hit Wonder or: The Great Pretender The Invincible Man takes on the Fantastic Four in issue 32 in this weeks grab bag. It's the old... READ MORE

I Got 'Yer Power Right Here or: Backpfeifengesicht Back to the Long-Box of Mystery™ which this week reveals X-men #19 and introduces us to... READ MORE

Family Affair or: Twiddle Me This Just twiddling my thumbs while watching the games. Happy Trails, Smitty

That's Entertainment or: One Thing Leads to Another So, I'm watchin' my Chiefs. They win (yea!) I think, "Now, that's... READ MORE

Whisky n' Whiskers or: Saddles n' Sagebrush Just a couple of cowboys. Happy Trails, Smitty

All the Marbles or: the Serious Business of Being Silly It's been a bad couple of weeks there hasn't it. John McCain, Aretha Franklin.... READ MORE

Here's Mud In Your Eye or: One Giant Leap It's web-drawin' time and I'm just not in the mood so... I'm throwin' a... READ MORE

Life Lessons or: I Hate Spunk Last week we went to the vaults so I could spend time on what is now this week’s offering. Your buddy and mine,... READ MORE

Wherever You May ROM or: What Lies Beneath Kinda' busy so, let's hit the vaults for something you haven't quite seen before. At... READ MORE

The Man in the Flip-Top Mask or: Take the Cash, Let the Credit Go Close my eyes... nuthin' up my sleeve... presto change-o... Tales of... READ MORE

G.O.A.T. or: Ain't That a Kick Fantastic Four #44, the Gentleman's Name is Gorgon! Can't believe I'm passing up a chance to... READ MORE

Ringmaster of Crime or: Ya Call This a Comic Book Not so much a late start as a late finish. I put this in to scan last night, laid on the couch... READ MORE

Anything You Want or: You Been Screwed This was for a benefit book that never happened. Once upon a time a comics writer mentions in their blog... READ MORE

Does Whatever a Spider Can or: the Fork in the Road I only met Ditko once. We exchanged pleasantries ...and I ran. Williamson, Frazetta, Adams,... READ MORE

@#$%! Hippies or: Down With Puppies Among the many lessons I learned from Ditko was how to separate art from the artist. Hard going when you find... READ MORE

Creepy Crawlies or: Laughing Justice No amusing anecdote, just another brilliantly bizarre Ditko design. Happy Trails Smitty

And They Call Him... Wha? or: Can I Keep It, Mom? When I was a little kid, what I really wanted for Christmas was a Siberian tiger, or a grizzly... READ MORE

Mindless Fun or: Rabble Rabble Mindless ones. Gotta love the Mindless Ones. Every story needs angry villagers, a mob. Mindless Ones are great... READ MORE


A=A or: I Got Your Reflexive Property Right Here Unassuming as he was visually, I found Mr. A to be Ditko's most frightening character.... READ MORE

Ditko du Jour or: Ditko of the Day Once I get past Spider-Man and Doctor Strange any list I make of my favorite Ditko characters has to start... READ MORE

Without Steve Ditko, I don’t draw comics. Happy Trails, Steve Smitty

Smitty Meets Bambizilla or: Ain't That a Kick in the Head You almost lost me. For most of the last week, I've been playing babysitter... READ MORE

(X) 23 Skidoo or: Kids These Days It's Commissionin' time! Revisiting X-Men 173 with X-23 sauce. You guys probably know more about this... READ MORE

Eternity's End or: The Long Big Goodbye Strange Tales 146. Sturdy Steve Ditko's swan song at Marvel. I don't know that he actually... READ MORE

The Bat Bounces Back or: If At First You Don't Succeed... With a big Bat-Fanfare... Happy Trails Smitty

No Peeking or: Things Aren't Always What They Seem When last we met I was most despondent having just killed the Batman. You'll be... READ MORE

Breaking Batman or: Whoever Knows Fear... I killed it. The Batman commission I gave you a peek at last week is dead. Muerte, food for worms,... READ MORE

Building a Better Bat or: Signal Me This You've caught Uncle Smitty mid task this week, kiddies. A commission request... pretty simple: the... READ MORE

Grim is the Reaper or: Big Bad John When Big John Buscema drew a bad guy, you knew he was bad. We didn't need back stories of stolen lunch... READ MORE

...the Man Behind the Curtain or: Lazy Sunday Blues We're going to the files this week with a piece I did for an Eisner celebration over at... READ MORE

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner or: Flying Purple Planet Eater oooh, we're in trouble now, courtesy of Galactus from Marvel Aventures the... READ MORE

If He Be Worthy or: the Ballad of Beta Ray Bill I was going to put MAJOR SPOILERS ahead but, the drawing pretty much gives it all away, so... too... READ MORE

The Man Who Would Be Kahn or: Peril of Inappropriate Hue Given today's climate, this is one that Marvel would probably prefer to forget but... READ MORE

The Once and Future Doom or: When Camelot Came and Went Rather than the longboxes, this week we've pulled from one of many piles-O-mystery to... READ MORE

Mad About Me or: the Fools of April One of these is a portrait of the artist as a young man... not sure which. Happy Trails Smitty

Fear and Dread or: Let Them Eat CPR Like one who on a lonely road Doth walk in fear and dread, And having once turned round walks on, And turns... READ MORE

Rudeicai Interruptus or: Where Were We Allow me to finish up what I started a few weeks ago. My first thought was chess but, that seemed too... READ MORE

Night Shift or: It Burns, It Burns Whoever invented morning should be shot! Our long national nightmare began last night with the institution of... READ MORE

Devil On Your Tail or: Tales of Ice and Sex Last week on Hill Street Blues we saw our intrepid hero running for his life from the Devil's... READ MORE

Bat Out of Hell or: the Great Escape Got family coming in. Been on KP all weekend. I'm too pooped to draw. Allow me to make amends by... READ MORE

BFFs or: the Odd Couple Not so much a grab bag as a "oh, look at this," as I was cleaning up, this weeks springboard is the World'... READ MORE

Furious Filler or: What Price Inventory This weeks pick reveals Marvel Comics Presents #78, an anthology title featuring, at the moment, the... READ MORE

Hi Ho Silver (Samurai) or: Return with us Again... It's Commisionin' Time again. Thought I was done with this last week but, I was... READ MORE

Rocky or: the Real Thing This weeks dive into the Long Box of Mystery reveals the Fantastic Four #18. I nearly went with a drawing of the Super... READ MORE

Parlovian Response or: Dark Knight Of Mongo This weeks pick comes courtesy of our Webmaster, Justin Washburn. Some months ago he sent me a number... READ MORE

Commies Commies Everywhere or: Little Nikita OK girls and boys, lets reach into the long box-O-mystery and see what we get... Tales of Suspense #... READ MORE

Like Sand through the Hour Glass or: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year! Someone time centric seems appropriate, let's go with Hour Man... READ MORE

Blue Yule or: Jingle Bamfs Merry, merry! Frostbite for all! Display your strength, air your grievances, play with your food, eat your toys. Bah,... READ MORE

Fun With Fear or: Character Cornucopia This week, with the selection of Daredevil #6, we have a cornucopia of characters to choose from. Seems... READ MORE

Wolverette or: Slicing Mathilda I really have no excuse. I know these movies aren't for me but, I turn on the tube and there it is. Next... READ MORE

Ducks In a Truck or: Gopher This, Gopher That This weeks reach into the Box of Mystery™ yields Howard the Duck #32. I about have a heart attack... READ MORE

Happy Thraxgiving or: Wild Turkey This weeks big grab is Green Lantern #50. Gil Kane has discovered Kirby. Gil's version of gladiator Hulk... READ MORE

Walkin' Thru a Water Wonderland or: Gone Fishin' No excuse really. Just wasting time watching Waterworld and this falls out. Everyone... READ MORE

Inkus Interruptus or: Where Were We My inking process comes in four stages. Outline Spot blacks PANIC!!! Suicidal thoughts Rendering and... READ MORE

The Lineup or: the Merry Mutant Marching Society Knock, knock? Go away! Go away who? You! I'm workin' here... Happy Trails Smitty

Bands of Crimson or: Doin' The Juggernaut Jig This weeks grab comes from a British X-Men Pocket Book reprint. A bit bigger than half sized,... READ MORE

Everybody's a Dreamer or: Careful What You Wish For This weeks plumbing of the Long Box of Mystery reveals issue 128 of the Mighty Thor. Our... READ MORE

The Big Ouch or: I've Fallen and Can't Get Up Nuthin' new this week, Uncle Smitty's broken. I've pulled something in my... READ MORE

American Girl or: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Among my primal influences as an artist are the "How To" books by Andrew Loomis. First... READ MORE

Side-Kick Sunday or: Dum Like a Fox Back to the grab bag where we find Strange Tales 151. Ditko's no longer doing Dr Strange... we don'... READ MORE

Takin' a Knee or: Or Nuthin', I'm Takin' a Knee Bigot, coward, liar, thief, Nazi loving Traitor-In-Chief! When Nazi's,... READ MORE

Back on Track or: Before We Were So Sadly Interrupted I shared the layouts for this a couple of weeks ago. Here's the final piece (don'... READ MORE

RIP Len Wein or: That's My Shirt We lost one of the good ones with the recent passing of Len Wein. At 69 he wasn't exactly robbed but,... READ MORE

When I'm 64 or: Will you still need me... They say it's my birthday! It's my birthday too, yeah! By the power vested in me, by... READ MORE

Storm Watch Or: Buggin’ Out Someone forgot to post last night. I think it was me. D’oh! Have a commission. Poor Storm. She had a rough time... READ MORE

What's Up Doc? or: the Kneebone's Connected to the Thighbone I recently accepted a commission to recreate the cover for Doctor Strange... READ MORE

Lockheed Come Home or: Less is More Mommy! The commission is being mean to me! It won't do what I tell it...wauuugh! Sometimes you're... READ MORE

Save That Tiger (Shark) or: Finny Business Just when you thought it was safe to turn on cable TV again, Sharknado returns! They're trying... READ MORE

Freehand Circles in Perspective or: Look At It This Way Someone sent me to youtube the other day where I found myself sidebarred by a tutorial on... READ MORE

Of Megatons and Men or: The Big WOO This week's pick is Megaton Man #2, Don Simpson's satirical send up of all things super-hero in... READ MORE

If I Only Had a Brain or: Conferin' With the Flowers My inability to read "calendar" has caused me to miss last night's post... READ MORE

Kung Fu Fightin' Or: the Odd Couple I'm not up to thinking this week so, it's back to the grab bag. So what to my wondering eye... READ MORE

Passing Through or: the Last Avenger With the Vision we can put this whole Avengers binge to rest. The last real Avenger, the one born Avenger,... READ MORE

That's the Spirit or: EEK I'm a bad boy. I've been letting papers build up on the desk. Hardly a capitol crime but, what I found... READ MORE

Ant Attack or: The Little Guy So, we’ve finished off the Quartet; Posted Thors and Iron Mans and Hulks (O, my); Seen the Wasp and Goliath but, I... READ MORE

Knock, Knock or: Who's There Knock, knock. Who's there? You. You who? You go away, me busy. Happy Trails Smitty

Kooky, Kooky, Lend Me Your Comb or: Kids In the Hall For those who've been following, this weeks drawing comes as no surprise. Finishing off... READ MORE

Straight Arrow Or: Rise of the Bench Players With the twins, Wanda and Pietro, the last couple weeks along with Jason Caldwell’s comments on Cap’... READ MORE

Magic Wanda or: Brothers and Sisters For no other reason than drawing Pietro last week, let's go with his twin sister Wanda. Maximoff Rex... READ MORE

Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah or: Fast Train to Hell Having a hard time getting my motor up to speed, I reach deep into my bag of tricks for inspiration. I... READ MORE

What to Do or: Not a Clue What to do, what to do? I could go grab a book but... then I'd have to get up... and move... Oh, the humanity!... READ MORE

Echos From the Cheap Seats or: Draw Raw Last weeks Goblin sketch garnered several positive comments concerning it's rawness as opposed to... READ MORE

Goblin To The Rescue or: I Thought This Was Saturday Stupid time... think fast... uh, Green Goblin. 'Cause... he's cool... I wanna...... READ MORE

The Long Walk or: What Might Have Been With regret I find I must walk away from the TellosJam project. I’ve instructed those concerned that all... READ MORE

Dear Storm or: All Fall Down Dear Storm, Please stop dumping snow and blowing winds and crushing fences and snapping trees. Thank you, Yer Pal... READ MORE

Pull My Finger or: Fool Me Once... Happy Trails, Smitty

Asgard Assembled or: Ragnarok n' Roll Not so much of a grab bag this week as a look what I found lyin' around. Thor #156. It seems... READ MORE

Johnny B Gone or: Frankie's Blues Chuck Berry AND Bernie Wrightson... back to back. Ouch! After the blues, I love primal American Rock-n-... READ MORE

Aces High or: Hidden Treasure After our brief interruptions plugging the “Secret Friends of ‘Ringo!” it’s back to the old grab bag and this... READ MORE

By Dawn’s Emerald Light or: Meanwhile, Out In The Desert No grab bag this week. It’s commission’n time. “Green Lantern... READ MORE

The Big Hurt or: Where The Shadows Lie Sorry ‘bout missing last week. I was just too depressed. I kept hoping I’d wake up to find... READ MORE

Gotta Be The Shoes or: Savage Sartorial Splendor This weeks blind pick features “the strangest teens of all” in X-Men #62 (no... READ MORE

Blind Man’s Bluff or: I Dare ‘Ya Back to the grab bag, which this week reveals... Daredevil #3. The Owl’s just too silly to... READ MORE

Abandon All Hope or: Trench Coats and Tool Belts Workin’ in a skull mine; goin’ down, down, down... With our long national... READ MORE

the King of Sinful Sots or: Pass the Arsenic Sauce Posting extra early because, well, I’ll be too busy tomorrow; gorging on toys and... READ MORE

Knock, Knock or: Dave’s Not Here I hear you knocking... Bang, vrrreet, rrr-rrr-rrr, eee-uh eee-uh, zzzt, zzzt, clunk... But, you can... READ MORE

Happy Hoards of Hydra or: the Hexapus of Heck Nazi’s, bad. Let’s just get that out of the way; Nazi’s, bad. Our sketch of the... READ MORE

Everybody Loves Loki or: The Big Sit This weeks pick reveals another issue of the Marvel Universe. #6 or K_M to be specific. Looks like I did a... READ MORE

Born Under A Bad Sign or: Bad Luck Henry Some guy’s can’t catch a break. All the story asked was that Henry Pym throw up his hands... READ MORE

Save Our Frog or: Feels Good, Man The cry has gone out to rescue Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog from the hands of the so called “alt-... READ MORE

If This Be Doomsday or: Push The Button, Max It’s been said than an election is a revolution. This wasn’t a revolution so much as a... READ MORE

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part or: Out, Out Brief Candle Just sittin’ here, waitin’ on the end of the world. See ya next week... READ MORE

Eye Of Newt And Toe Of Frog or: Be It Ever So Ghastly Happy BOO-day! Where’s my @#$%! candy?!? Happy Trails, Smitty

Fallen Warriors or: R.I.P. Blues Comics loses again with the passing of Steve Dillon. Hard enough when your heroes die but when it’s those... READ MORE

Tyrannus Wrecks or: We, Who Are About To Smash, Salute You I know I’ve already done a Hulk this year but, nanner, nanner, nanner, I don... READ MORE

Well, I Can Die Happy or: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts. Growing up to be a cartoonist was great. Getting paid and royalty... READ MORE

The Boys (and Girls) Of Summer or: Vin’s Velvet Voice A bittersweet day for baseball; the legendary Vin Scully has retired after 67 years... READ MORE

I Don’t Wanna... or: Bonzo Go Bedtime It’s that wonderful time of the week once again and, for no particular reason, I just don... READ MORE

Joker’s Wild or: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Blog Saved by the bell! I was in the midst of dragging you into the middle of... READ MORE

Stranger Things or: Cthulhu Love Saw the color version on Twitter (yowser, way to go Mr Mounts) so I guess the cats out of the bag. For the... READ MORE

Hippo Birdies Two Miis or: Ice Ceam For Everyone Apologies to the immortal Sandra Boynton for this weeks title. Happy B-Day to me (well, it was... READ MORE

Go Away! or: I’m Workin’ Here... ... he said, in his best Ratso Rizzo voice. Grumpy Trails, Smitty

Tongue Attack Lip Locked Adventure Tales Well, this one surprises. Our grab bag has revealed True Love #2 from Eclipse Comics being a reprint... READ MORE

Sixth Time’s The Charm or: The Past Ain’t What It Used To Be How many covers does any one story have in it? This new cover for the... READ MORE

Old Dog, New Tricks or: That Ol’ Gang O’Mine Call this a warm up. Gotta come up with a cover for a new addition of the Golden Age... READ MORE

Twitnado or: I Feel So Dirty Well, that was strange. My webmaster, Justin, has the site set up with a twitterbot that picks something from the... READ MORE

After Con Sale or: Mr. Sleepy Head I didn’t miss last nights post as much as I conked out. I laid down for a moment and the moment lasted... READ MORE

Guilty Pleasures or: Bite Me Color me excited. The greatest terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie franchise of all time is back. That... READ MORE

Alley Oop or: Big Things, Small Packages Today’s post is extra early. I’ve been in pitched battle with a cover and the tide is... READ MORE

Red Turn At Albuquerque or: Face Front, Tiger Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. I know the Sketch-O-the-Week is... READ MORE

On The Road Again or: True Travel Tales Rather than bore you with my less than pithy prose, I present to you my wondrous weekend exactly as it... READ MORE

Little Green Men or: My Favorite Martian Honest. I hadn’t intended to start a green thing. It’s just worked out that way. “... READ MORE

The Mystery Sinister or: Greatest Single Issue Ever Call me lazy, call me nostalgic, I just don't feel like diggin' through boxes for a... READ MORE

Long Live the Greatest or: Rumble, Young Man, Rumble Muhammed Ali… What can be said about a man who started as one of the most reviled... READ MORE

Last Week's Kill or: Back From The Dead When last we met I was slinking away in defeat and humiliation. I return in triumph and glory with a... READ MORE

I Killed It... or: D’oh! This was going to so much fun. I went to the boxes and came up with the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. Not only do... READ MORE

Fallen Brothers or: For Darwyn Most of you familiar with comics have, by now, heard the sad news of Darwyn Cooke’s passing. Deepest... READ MORE

All Roads Lead to Rome or: Titus Pullo’s Big Adventure I’ve been going through my “Roman Trilogy” DVDs. I start with... READ MORE

Hulk Smash or: Return to the Land of Broken Things Ye olde computer doesn’t want to print. It won’t “see” the printer... READ MORE

Calendar Blues or: If This Is Tuesday... I’d threaten to learn how to read a calendar but, I’ve been doing that for years. Last time... READ MORE

Wakanda Wonderland or: The Run Fantastic This week’s grab bag reveals the Fantastic Four #53, smack in the middle of the FFs most magical... READ MORE

Pryor Flames or: Love Punch This week’s first grab got shoved back in the box when it turned out to be X-Men 174... we can do better than... READ MORE

Doodles or: Fun With Faces and Figures I’m not feeling formal tonight. Let’s have some fun just doodling around. Happy Trails,... READ MORE

Kolorful Kang or: The Once And Future Doom Into the grab bag and out with the Avengers #23. The “new” Avengers (Cap, Wanda, Pietro... READ MORE

Return of Cold Gold or: What The (Dashin’ Donnie) Heck Not sure what happened but, last Sunday’s post has dissappeared from the site... READ MORE

Kitty Redux or Bonzo Go Bedtime Nighty night

Stranger In A Strange Land or: Knucklehead Goes to Japan All righty, pick box, grab blindly and... Shadow and Flame #2 (of 5) Lockheed and his... READ MORE


CSI or: Characters per Square Inch This week's grab bag reveals the Mighty Thor #134. Titled "the People Breeders" it might well... READ MORE

Anarchist's Assemble or: V For Very, Very, Extraordinary This weeks grab bag reveals V for Vendetta. Once upon a time, there was an... READ MORE

Fish Story or: Five Finger Discount Oh, my stars and garters, I'm a thief. This weeks grab bag reveals the Fantastic Four 512.  It'... READ MORE

Serkis Circus or: the Sound of One Klaw Clapping Caught the last Avengers flick on the tube. Andy Serkis needs to stop doing motion capture. His... READ MORE

@#$%!!! or: The Land of Broken Things Well snap, snap, snapitty, snap, snap, snap! Stupid garbage disposal freezes up. Before I can get to it,... READ MORE

Holy Moley or: Great Googley Moogley This one’s a bit of a cheat... I did it yesterday. I was trying to send some red white and gold magic... READ MORE

Oh, Mai or: The Comics Cultural Exchange Program Mai, the Psychic Girl, traveled from Japan to America via Eclipse Comics in the late 80’s... READ MORE

Happy New Year or: Let’s Try This Again Hooked up with old rididin’ buddy, and fellow scalawag, Mike Baron for New Years. What... READ MORE

Get That Elf Off My Shelf or: Post X-Mas Blowout Last post of the year. Woo hoo! Sketches from the last year are piling up. Call it house... READ MORE

Leapin’ Lizards or: Mi Pantano es Su Pantano No, I’m not on a mean green streak. Just luck that this week’s pull is Amazing Spider-Man #6... READ MORE

Scary Christmas or: Jingle Bombs It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Here’s hoping you get all the toys you can eat. So, Bah, Humbug... READ MORE

I Think I’m Pregnant or:Smitty’s Jones I must be expecting. Came time to draw and I didn’t even go to the boxes. I just decided I was drawing... READ MORE

the Robots Are Coming or: Yesterday’s Tomorrow Long day, short post. Rather than go to the longboxes, I’m going to carry over a Russ Manning... READ MORE

Alien Enterprise or: Give Peace a Chance Believe me kiddies, I’m not trying to turn this into an ongoing discussion on war and peace. This is... READ MORE

Strange Days or: the idiot plot Idiot plot is a term I picked up in my days in Hollywood. It’s a type of story that can only unfold as it does if... READ MORE

Dodging the Speeding Bullet or: The Amazing Technicolor Nightmare Coat Caught a documentary last night on the Tim Burton/Nick Cage Superman that... READ MORE

Brothers and Monsters or: Standin on the Corner Down at 12th St and Vine My late brother Willi was basically Scottie from Star Trek. A maritime... READ MORE

Spider and the Fly or: What if... So I’m sitting at home, not bothering anyone. I’m doodling, not really paying attention to what I’m doing.... READ MORE

Return of Dummy Up or: Part the Second Nothin’ much this week. Just finishing up on last weeks entry. Happy Trails, Smitty

Dummy Up or: Blockheads Anonymous Oh, you’re in for a treat girls and boys as this weeks grab reveals SunRunners #2 from Eclipse Comics, in the... READ MORE

Lone Wolf And Cub or: Have Sword Will Travel Welcome back girls and boys to Uncle Smitty’s Comic Book Grab bag. This week’s catch is Koike and... READ MORE

It's Colorin' Time! or: Again With Unto the Breach Hey Kids, Uncle Smitty just got permission to share the colors for the X-600 cover I posted... READ MORE

The Wrecker’s Ball or: Tough Love This weeks grab bag is... The Mighty Thor #148 starring the Wrecker. Thor’s done something to peeve his father... READ MORE

Here There Be Dragons or: Fire Breathing Funnies So, I’m on the phone with Todd Dezago the other day. DragonMan comes up... who knows why... now... READ MORE

Janitor Duty or: Where’d All This @#$%! Come From? Once upon a time, I kid thee not, everything I needed fit in the trunk of my beat up old Volvo... READ MORE

Bob’s Yer Uncle or: They Broke Bob! Remember when we were kids? All the big people were: Mr and Mrs, Admiral and Mrs, Mr and Dr Whozisface. But... READ MORE

Look, Puppies! or: You Are Now In A Lecture Free Zone I had a blistering editorial just about all ready to go, along with a brilliantly cutting... READ MORE

Fun With Psychos or: I’m Not Locked Up In Here With You... This weeks grab bag reveals Watchmen # 11. It’s old news now that some of the best... READ MORE

Portfolios Lost or: the Big Move Ever stumble across a box years after you’ve moved? I just did. I’ve found an old, nearly empty, con portfolio.... READ MORE

Synchronicity or: Holy Coincidence, Batgirl wauuugh... I killed it in the inks @$%! Everybody hates me, no body loves me. I’m going to go eat... READ MORE

Atom and Steve or: How Blue is My Beetle Welcome back girls and boys to Uncle Smitty’s grab bag. I’m in a good mood because I’ve managed to snag... READ MORE

If Looks Could Kill or: One Eyed Slim I already put it off once and they had to come up again eventually... this weeks grab bag reveals X-men 165... READ MORE

Rikk To The Rescue or: Of Strings And Sealing Wax This weeks grab bag reveals Tellos-Reluctant Heroes collecting the first five issues plus other... READ MORE

D is for Doc or: My Dormammu Was Better This weeks grab bag reveals Marvel Universe #3, Collector to Dracula. I’ve got a couple in here including... READ MORE

Fire Sale or: Late Onset Spring Cleaning The Blog illustrations are starting to stack up. Let's see if we can't find them a good home. Check... READ MORE

Rune or: Careful What You Ask For I have to admit, when I reached into the big Box-O-Comics and came out with Rune #3 my first thought was... huh... READ MORE

Doin’ The Muerte Mambo or: Death Ain’t What It Used To Be I can’t speak for the right ponders but, I suspect this weeks grab bag is largely... READ MORE

What A Man’s Gotta Do or: Severin’s SHIELD When I pulled out Strange Tales #138, I almost put it back. I’ve already done a Fury, the sites... READ MORE

Linghtnin’ and Thunder or: Krack-a-BOOM If it’s OK with you, I’m going to let the night sky pick tonight’s subject. There's no waiting on the... READ MORE

True Love Conquers All or: Go SCOTUS Human rights for human beings... who’da thunk? Woo Hoo! To Justices Kennedy, Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayer and... READ MORE

Them and the Humanoids or: Shock Roller Saturday Night Sunday? Yoiks! Where’d that come from? One of these days I gotta’ learn how to speak... READ MORE

The Belle of Liberty or: Jumpin’ Jodhpurs Welcome girls and boys. This weeks edition of the grab bag reveals... la Edad de Oro, libro tres de... READ MORE

Zorro or: the Gray Fox No grab bag this week, just Zorro. Why? uhh ... shut up, that’s why. Seriously though, do I need a reason? Douglas... READ MORE

I Hate When That Happens or: D'oh! I'd like to pretend I'm posting late because of some great cosmic interference. That I'd been binge watching... READ MORE

The Long and Winding Man or: All That Glitters Is Not Gingold OK, this has to be a “back feature” book. This weeks grab bag reveals Millenium... READ MORE

Humble Beginnings or: Wrong Place Wrong Time This weeks grab bag... Marvel Fanfare - Strange tales” a collection of Fanfare 1-7. Fanfare plays a... READ MORE

The King is Dead or: Blues on Beale Street Like many whiteboys who came of musical age in the days of Elvis and the Beatles, I first heard of BB... READ MORE

Return of Pretty Maids or: Ink-a-Dink-a-Doo Early post today. I’m booked this evening so I’m just going to finish off last weeks drawing and then... READ MORE

Pretty Maids All In A Row or: Fantastic Femmes No reason, it just happened. Happy Trails, Smitty

SuperKaraFragilistic or: The Girl With Something Extra Long day after a night of no sleep. I’m bushed. Have a sketch and it’s bedtime for Bonzo.... READ MORE

Assassin’s Kreed or: Three Arms Are Better Than None This weeks grab bag, Nexus 44. I remember this one. I was filling in for the Dude, Mike felt... READ MORE

On the Wings of a Duck or: Have Yourselves a Grumpy Little Christmas This weeks grab bag, Bizarre Adventures #34, special "Hate-The-Holidays"... READ MORE

Yodel me this or: Heeeeere's Johnny So, I'm looking for a little background noise last night. I'm not ambitious enough to  load up the CD changer... READ MORE

High Flyin' Flagg or: Magic Elf Paper This weeks grab Bag yield's Howard Chaykin's American Flagg. #15, Canadian Sunset to be exact. Flagg and... READ MORE

Barbarians at the Gate or: Have Sword Will Travel Sorry for the late post. Suffered a gremlin attack well past the hour I could contact my... READ MORE

Spring Has Sprung or: @#$% Underpants Gnomes Spring has arrived, blue skies, 50ºF. Do I get to enjoy it? Heck, no. I have to tear apart the... READ MORE

Yesterday's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. or: The Little Company That Couldn't Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Reed -FLIPPIN- Crandall, George Tuska, Al... READ MORE

Yabba-Dabba-WHO or: the Little Drummer Toy My brilliant career at Hanna-Barbera was pretty short, although I could do a mean Barney by the time I... READ MORE

What's in a Name or: Smile When You Say That Back to the grab bag. Amazing Spider-Man #34. Kraven may be one of my all time favorite characters... READ MORE

Once More Unto the Breach or: That Old Gang-O-Mine Good morning campers. Uncle Smitty is back from the dead. The flu was the three day variety,... READ MORE

Fan Mail From Some Flounder(s) or: Rider in the Rain We're filing a bit early today because Uncle Smitty's got the flu and I don't know that I'll... READ MORE

Love and War or: The Battle of the Bulges! I got a couple of e-mails today noting that Brian Cronin's recent Comic Book Legends Revealed... READ MORE

Dreaded Deadline Doom or: Have Some Doodles I'm behind the 8-ball on a deadline. It's doodle-time. Happy Trails, back to the salt mines...... READ MORE

Fool Me Once… or: Shame On Me I know better. These movies aren't for me but, I fall for them every time. So, "Captain America and the Colossus... READ MORE

Caught Nappin' or: Think Fast… D'oh, forgot when I was… got lost in other things… this calls for convention speed! Grab a book, any book… the "EC... READ MORE

Good for the Goose, Bad for the Gander or: Do As I Say, Not As I Do I'd like to say I'm surprised… France has arrested over 50 people, including... READ MORE

Ich Bin Immer Noch Charlie or: They're Cartoons, People This weeks grab bag is going to concentrate more on the bag portion, a little bit of... READ MORE

R.I.P. Merabet Ahmad Frederic Boisseau Franck Brinsolaro Jean Cabut Stephane Charbonnier Elsa Cayat Phillipe Honore Bernard Maris... READ MORE

Bantu Warrior Blues or: One Shot's Better Than None Happy New Year to one and all and a Happy Birthday to the site. Logging in, I see I've been a... READ MORE

Bat-Signals or: Norm Watch For those just back from the holidays, Bat-Artist Norm Breyfogle has suffered a stroke and could use some help. Since... READ MORE

MERRY CHRISTMAS or: Sappy Saturnalia Merry Christmas to all the good little squirrels and kois! Happy Trails, Smitty  

A Cap'n Hitch Christmas or: Yo Ho Ho and a Lump of Coal Now before anyone gets worried or upset, let's remember the punchline to "A Christmas... READ MORE

Brothers in Arms or: Give Early, Give Often. Universe, you are really starting to tick me off! Bad news girls and boys. Cartoonist Norm Breyfogle... READ MORE

Adam Raised a Kane or: Jesus Christ, Super Hero So, that which was once known as Him is busy doing nothing. Just floating through space in a... READ MORE

Meet the Beetle or: Love Stinks This week's grab bag: the Amazing Spider-Man #21!  Woo hoo! I've always felt Ditko was the heavy lifter and one... READ MORE

Who Is Scorpio or: Scorpio's on First This week's grab bag Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1… sort of. Actually it's a reprint of the... READ MORE

It's a Miracle or: Whither goest Vinnie This weeks grab bag, Mister Miracle #1. While hardly as traumatic as Ditko leaving, Kirby's departure... READ MORE

Silver is the Surfer or: Oh My Overlord This weeks grab bag… Silver Surfer #6. World's Without End. Here's a confession, straight from the "I... READ MORE

Slap YOU! or: a Flash and a Pan Good Morning campers. Time for the ol' grab bag. This weeks entry… Flash #219. What the heck do I have a Flash... READ MORE

When Marvel Went Mad or: I've Got a Hundred Pair of Stretch Socks! I have neither defense or explanation. Sometimes… stuff happens... READ MORE

The Percussion Discussion or: Gunslingers and the Kitty's That Love Them This weeks grab bag yields a true surprise. The New Adventures... READ MORE

Happy BOO-Day! Smitty

Imra Gonna Let You Finish… or: the Legion Eats Quiche, Part Ducks It's grab bag time kids. Once again we reach into a random box,... READ MORE

R is for Red or: Sunday in Scarlett It's bloggin' time but, it's time for the game, too (Go Chiefs!) Let's play grab bag.... READ MORE

For Doom's a Jolly Good Fellow or: The Man We Love to Hate to Love… I allowed myself to sidetracked the last few weeks. You've... READ MORE

Voluntarily (adverb) To be forced by death. or: Wait, What? And the hits just keep coming. Kids, you've been patient with me and I... READ MORE

America the Beautiful or: Shut up and Leave For the most part, I've avoided using the blog as a political tool. I could say it's not... READ MORE

Wonderin' or: the Old Random Box Trick For those that haven't played before, this is where we select a random box, pull a random... READ MORE

Pokin' Thru the Files or: Why Are My Files Full of Holes? Cover thumbs for X-Men Universe #3 Not sure what I was thinking on this... READ MORE

Dragons on My Shoulder Make Me Happy or: Dragons on My Shoulder Make Me Smile This one was for Magnus Reithaug. What started as a simple... READ MORE

Gone Fishin' or: I ain't working' an you can't make me. It's a holiday, people. Go fishin', ridin', jump your... READ MORE

Odds 'n Sods or: How Much is That Doodle in the Window? After several weeks of empty shelves the art-mart is stocked once again.... READ MORE

Lovely Leeja or: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 So I take a pratfall in the rain. Mush my drawing hand pretty good. Nothing seems broken, just... READ MORE

Hogun the Grim or: Laughter Over Asgard So, I'm at the board, not botherin' anyone when I get a call from Mark Evanier. He's... READ MORE

Dormammu or: ...I got nuthin… Another one for Gerry Turnbull. At first, he just mentions Dormammu so, I'm thinking in the... READ MORE

Out of the Frying Pan… or: Another Fine Mess Lucas Falconer and Doctor Strange at the gate of the Dark Dimension. Yeah, they could... READ MORE

I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day or: Look, Up in the Trees! DO'H! Time and I have never really understood each other. Better... READ MORE

Return to Never Ever Land or: Betcha Never Saw This… This one came to me from my buddy Nat Gertler. Chateau Sherbrooke, or... READ MORE

Crap, crap, CRAPPITY, crap! or: CRAP! Everybody hates me. Nobody loves me. I'm gonna' go eat worms… Everyone laughed at... READ MORE

Hanging out at Castle Falconer. Doc and Lucas shootin' the breeze. This one took it's own path. Starting out in Doc's Sanctum, it... READ MORE

Can I Bring My Bike? or: Is That Thing Housebroken? Going through family photos for a cousin I stumble across this. Made me laugh. Hope it... READ MORE

I've been fascinated with dragons for as long as I can remember. Maybe its from being built of snakes and snails. Or, a lifelong love of... READ MORE

Like any kid of my generation, I love a good western. The Kid Colt cover is a faux cover. I forget what line it appeared in but, it was a... READ MORE

I've got a couple of nephews, Casey and Sean. Sean's best buddy is Nate. Nate's getting married to Amy. I forget the story but,... READ MORE

Years ago, I'm at Shelton Drum's "Heroes Aren't Hard To Find" convention in Charlotte. There's a lull at my table. I... READ MORE

The image above came to me in an e-Mail from Gerry Turnbull. Gerry says the web identifies it as mine but, he ain't buyin' it. Gerry'... READ MORE

Walking the halls of TSR/West, following Steven Grant to his office, I see a poster on the wall. Wowser! That is one sweet piece of work. I can... READ MORE

O, east is east and west is west and woe betide the kid who got caught buying the wrong books. When I was a kid, Marvel and DC were the Sharks... READ MORE

I kinda' short sheeted the class last time (I really was pooped) so, here's a mid week apology post. I can't remember the actual... READ MORE

Final Score Wind    4 Fence   0 I'm pooped. Gonna veg on the couch, catch me some Cosmos and hit the rack.... READ MORE

I've been told by inkers whose work I respect and admire that inking is best learned over the work of others. Inking your own work reinforces... READ MORE

All Star X-men Jam If there's one thing that all people are capable of, it's screwing up. So, I point my finger at no man. Just don... READ MORE

So, Justin, my web guy, hits me with an outside link to my blog. Links lead to more links and… I've got a Twitter feed? I knew... READ MORE

North Hollywood, Ca. Passport Books. 1980. Roy Thomas is doing a book signing. I bring my portfolio along with my comics. I ask if Mr Thomas... READ MORE

It was a joke people. It was supposed to provide a laugh not policy. When Marvel first assigned me to the X-Men, the deal was for one year. I... READ MORE

For foreign guests and those too young to remember, Filmation was an "animation" studio gone the way of the dodo. The storyboard... READ MORE

Another odd job for Marvel Licensing. Some new version of an animated Spider-Man was going into pre production. Based on my experience in both... READ MORE

  For those that don't know, Sharon Sakai, wife of Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai, has required medical attention and the bills are... READ MORE

(photo: Neil Banerjee) So there's this kid, Shubham Banerjee, 12 years old.  He discovers that a braille printer runs $2000-$3000 and... READ MORE

MONDAY? D'oh… uh… have a doodle. Happy Trails Smitty  

The closest thing to a sane reason for entering the arts is the sheer love of doing. That's far more than most of us ever get. Making the... READ MORE

Any day buried in Skrulls is halfway to being a great day.  

With apologies to Frank Brunner but, I'll get to that later... One of the many that got away was a storyline called "Love and War... READ MORE

We are now de-snagged. Call it manners, call it jinx-o-phobia, I didn't want to post this until the client had approved of the piece. He not... READ MORE


I had an entry ready to go. Paragraghs, pictures, everything. Then I hit a snag. So... I'm just gonna pick my nose. And you cant stop me.... READ MORE

1959. Sangley Point Naval Air Station, Manilla bay. The family has finished dinner at the Officer's Club (fancy talk for big honkin'... READ MORE

If He Had a Hammer Pete Seeger 1919-2014 Well, foo. I suppose we can take some solace that he had a long and productive life. According to... READ MORE

Hey Ringo? You out there? The entire inspiration for my doing a blog at all is the late, great Mike Wieringo's world renowned "Sketch of... READ MORE

or, the One that Got Away

One of the uses I first imagined for this space was to showcase unknown or unseen aspects of my career. Imagine my surprise as the tables got... READ MORE

Or: We Deal in Lead, Friend!

People go to comic-cons for many reasons. While I swore off alcohol at the age of six, I go for Bar-Con; That time after the show when the pros... READ MORE

Rocketeer-Spirit #1 Cover

Red Hots! Get yer Red Hots right here! Original Art for sale. Rocketeer-Spirit #1. All 22 pages and a Cover too, Woo Hoo! Check Interior... READ MORE

This was done for my webmaster, Justin Washburn. Barter, gotta love it.  

The Looter

Blame it on Ditko.   or, Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.   According to family... READ MORE