The Mystery Sinister

The Mystery Sinister
or: Greatest Single Issue Ever

Call me lazy, call me nostalgic, I just don't feel like diggin' through boxes for a new book when I still have Spider-Man's first annual on the desk.  For sheer fun, wonderment and bang for your buck, this may be the greatest single issue of any comic title ever.

Double sized story, six of Spidey's greatest villains. "How we create Spider-Man," specifically Ditko's working method, had a profound impact on me and does to this day. And then there's the Rogue's Gallery. Eleven of the weirdest original villains you'd never want to meet in a dark alley. There are heroes that have been in publication for decades that can't match that collection and this was just Spidey's first year and a half.

I've posted a ton of the Goblin and Kraven. Just did the Vulture. The Lizard I did a while back… Let's go with the Malevelant Mysterio!

Happy Trails

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