Commissions are one of a kind, custom, black and white illustrations of the clients choosing. Prices start at $1000 for one or two characters in a cover or pin-up type illustration at approx 10x15 inches. Larger pieces or additional characters can be negotiated.
The process starts with the clients choice of character(s) and any ideas they may have. Next comes a series of thumbnail sketches with different angles and compositions. Some clients will chose one, some mix and match, some choose none and we try again. Please note: Thumbnails, sketches, layouts or any other preliminary works are not  included. If you're interested in the prelims, these can sometimes be negotiated at additional cost.
Once a layout has been agreed to, I'll produce the work with the following guarantee: You don't like it, you don't pay.
Shipping included. Express shipping is optional at clients expense.
Happy Trails
Putting aside the insult of having original art manipulated by a third party, these works are physically unsuited for coloring.
India ink is no longer as waterproof as once it was. Pro-White (used for corrections and special effects not otherwise obtainable) has never been waterproof. Any attempt to use liquid colors will result in the physical destruction of the work.
Once finished there are essentially three different white surfaces: Un-erased paper, erased paper, white paint. Discerning between them takes concentration and a trained eye UNTIL dry colors are applied. At this time the difference between them will be obvious from across the room. While dry colors will not destroy the work physically, they will certainly destroy the aesthetic.