Love's First Kiss

Love's First Kiss

or: The Case of the Clueless Colossus


This weeks grab pulls up the Romance extravaganza from X-Men #174. As promised in the end blurb of the previous issue, this was to be a rip-roaring tale of lip locked adventure!


Weezie, Chris, Bob and I had gone to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant around the corner from the Marvel offices to work out the basic plot for the next book. I forget who brought it up but, it must mutually decided this was the book when Kitty and Peter would stop pussyfooting around and make their romance official.


Having enough to get started, I go home and start drawing up the first few pages while waiting for the written plot to arrive. When it does... there's no kiss! Wait, what... I been robbed... why I oughta... oh, wait, I can fit it in.... right there. Kitty has pulled Peter out into the hall to show off her newly developed ability to phase others as well as herself. Tricking Peter into closing his eyes, she jumps into his arms and plants one right on the kisser to Peter's shock and surprise. Apparently I misspelled "mpgh nmi rimmazrkn nrmmi rrmphhn' but, other than that, Chris pretty much cribbed the dialog on the page right off my notes.


If we tried to pull that off today I'm sure we'd be cancelled and damned to hell for sexual assault given that Kitty failed to get a signed and notarized letter of agreement from Peter before attacking him but, what can I say, kids those days.


To true love.


Wash those hands, keep your @#$%! masks on and go get spiked


Happy Trails


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