Snakes in the Grass

Snakes in the Grass
or: Friends of Donnie

The Long-box of Mystery™ has a perverse sense of humor. This weeks grab is the Avengers #33, the concluding chapter in the sickening saga of the Sons of the Serpent. Stan may as well as taken this from tomorrows headlines. It seems "some very fine people" aka angry, god fearing white men have to band together to make America safe for, well, angry, god fearing white men. Everyone else be damned!

The story's 50 years old and we haven't learned a thing. We can only hope, like those in the story, that we come to our senses and realize we've been duped before it's too late.

On a brighter note, this, and the issue before it, may well be Don Heck's shining moment at Marvel. After month's paired with Dick Ayers, Wally Wood and Frank Giacoia, Dashing Donnie inks himself here and the results are amazing. Raw, visceral, alive in a way the book had never been before and has rarely been since.

Ladies and germs, your Presi... er... your would be dictator, The Supreme Serpent.

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