Takin' a Knee

Takin' a Knee
or: Or Nuthin', I'm Takin' a Knee

Bigot, coward, liar, thief,
Nazi loving Traitor-In-Chief!

When Nazi's, Klansman and Confederate traitors mow down, kill and main innocent citizens in the streets, our "President" can't wait to stand up and defend the perpetrators as fine people.

Yet, when decent Americans unite for equality, peace and the American Constitution, the "President" labels them SOBs and demands they be fired.

Not only are more players than ever joining the cause, so too are the owners and the singers of the National Anthem! Major League Baseball is jumping in. Even Stevie Wonder took a knee the other night.

When a blind man sees more clearly than the "President" you know your country's in trouble.

As long as the Oval Office is occupied by hate mongering white trash, I'm takin' a knee.


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Well said, Smitty.
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YES. Thank you for this.
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Damn right. Peaceful protest is the bedrock of a peaceful nation- and the leaders of a peaceful nation should represent the people, not cronies, bigots or (for Pete's sake!) Nazis!


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