One, Two, EEK!

One, Two, EEK!

or: the Process


My least favorite job, of all time, in all the world, no exceptions, is whatever I'm working on at the moment. That's the job that will prove that I am, was, and shall always be, a clueless hack.


This stems largely from my patented 4 step inking process very similar to that which Steve Ditko showed us in his how to draw Spidey sequence from the Amazing Spider-man Annual #1 (greatest annual ever). Ditko's process was: outline, spot blacks, render out. I've added a 4th step: outline, spot blacks, PANIC... render out.


It's been like this since I first started using india ink more than 50 years ago. You'd think I'd learn after all this time that I (nearly) always pull the rabbit out of the hat and save the day but, nooooooooooooo! There's always that point when I feel the only way to save it is to kill it and start over.


That's where I'm at at at the moment. I'd hoped to have this ready for tonight's post but I think all will be better served if I put it aside for a day and recompose myself. Say wha...? Can you see it? HELL NO! Tell you what, go sneak a pic of your honey in curlers and cold cream and post it to FaceSpace and see what happens to you. There are lines we do not cross.


I'll come back tomorrow in full Mighty Mouse mode. Till then, when last it was pretty...


Happy Trails


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