RIP Len Wein

RIP Len Wein
or: That's My Shirt

We lost one of the good ones with the recent passing of Len Wein. At 69 he wasn't exactly robbed but, still, too early to sit well.

Len and I never worked together but we once showed up at a halloween party dressed as each other, sorta, kinda...

Mid 80's, it was the height of the generic packaging craze. We both showed up in generic costume T-shirts. No one would ever confuse us for the other but, we were both tall, bespectacled, curly haired and bearded. We both checked "other" on our checklists and he wrote "Comics Artist" under description while I wrote "Comics Writer" on mine. Oh what a laugh we had over that one.. of course, given it was a decidedly non-comics gathering, we were about the only ones laughing but, no one needs to know that part so, shhhhh.

Happy Trails, Len

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What a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing Paul!
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Len Wein lit so many creative fires that are still burning strong in the imaginations of literally millions of people worldwide. Not too shabby a legacy, in my opinion.


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