If He Be Worthy

If He Be Worthy
or: the Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

I was going to put MAJOR SPOILERS ahead but, the drawing pretty much gives it all away, so... too late!

This week we've grabbed Thor 338 and find ourselves in a battle for mighty Mjolnir itself. Seems last issues BUM (big ugly monster) has -gasp- lifted Thor's hammer and become Thor himself whilst our Thor is reduced to his human form of Donald Blake!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Who hasn't lifted the hammer these days? Back then, the answer was, no one! Last issue was a real earthquake; everything you knew about up, down, balance, reality just went out the window. This issue doesn't help. Last time Bill took possession under dubious circumstances. This time, he wins Mjolnir in a fair fight... OH, NOES!

I used to hide from Walt in the bullpen whenever he brought in pages. I didn't want to know. I wanted to read it just like you guys.

Gimme a B! Gimme an I...

Happy Trails

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So nice....well, except those feet! I think Bill had normal boots, no? Oh well- if a bad pedicure is the price for godly power, so be it!
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Them's the feet what Walt gave him.


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