Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

or: Creature Features


So, I'm searchin' through the DVR's movie library, thinkin' I'd find a good scary story to put me in the mood for Halloween, when I stumble upon Jason and the Argonauts.


Growin' up in the 50's-60's was a great time for monster flicks. Oldies like King Kong, Frankie and flying monkeys give way to the Thing, pod people, the living dead. Up against stiff competition Jason still stands up. The statue of Talos, the harpies, the hydra remain remarkably effective. The real treat though is the skeleton army.  Most childhood monsters lose their edge over time and need to be viewed with a certain degree of nostalgia. Not so the army of the dragon's teeth. They remain as creepy now as they were near 60 years ago. 


Here's one for our Uncle Ray Harryhausen.


Happy Trails


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Gene's picture

Great post and fantastic drawing Smitty. Jason and the Argonauts is a classic. Great touch placing that column in the badkground.
Steven Ng's picture

I love this one. Ray Harryhausen's models have been restored and will be exhibited in Europe. I'm hoping the new Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will host it sometime.
Steven Ng's picture

Thanks, Paul. The drawing arrived in today's mail. I'm thrilled to own it.


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