The Return of the Magnificent Seven... and a Half

The Return of the Magnificent Seven... and a Half

or: It Was Thi-i-i-i-s Big


Been a while since I worked twice up, let alone bigger. This puppy checks in at 18 x 24. All I gotta do now is find a stack of cardboard sheets big enough to pack it in.


Happy Trails


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Josh Laabs's picture

When I ship art, I use masonite board/thin plywood from Home depot.. It's like $5 a sheet and perfect for shipping this size and will do an awesome job protecting it from the damage the USPS will do.
Smitty's picture

Even with 10 sheets of cardboard, at 30x24, it's still a little bendy in the middle.
Frank Dawson Jr's picture

Ive used those foam art panels, I guess they are used for project boards, they are about 1/4 " thick and usually in 30"x 40" sizes. they seem very sturdy and only about 3 bucks a board.
Joey Oakes's picture

Whomever is getting this piece is lucky ! What an amazing work, Mr. Smith. I love it.
Gene.mardaga's picture

Masonite works extremely well for shipping, but it is a bit heavy, so the postage will be higher. Beautiful ensemble piece Smitty! Giving me some inspiration for my next request!


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