For Doom's a Jolly Good Fellow

For Doom's a Jolly Good Fellow
or: The Man We Love to Hate to Love…

I allowed myself to sidetracked the last few weeks. You've been very patient with me and I thank you for that. My only excuse: You can't hang a meatball over the fat part of the plate and expect an all-American boy not to swing.

Back to the serious business of being silly. In the interest of reunification, let's have a hearty round of applause and a warm welcome for the lovely and talented, Vincent von Doom… sort of.

This is from one of the "Where's Ben" projects I've talked about before. I take a job for the Thing only to find out, he's not in the book; At least not in the classic, rocky, fun-to-draw sense.

Interiors are like the clues in a mystery. You can misdirect, throw red herrings but, you have to be honest. Covers allow more leeway. They sell an idea rather than a moment so I got to sneak "real" Ben into the scene.

The editor has an idea of Ben along the turrets of Castle Doom. I see a peek-a-boo shot. I don't recall any debate, the editor let's me amuse myself. The photo ref is a very rare thing for me. The model is, to date, a one time only affair.

The first set of colors were much lighter in the BG so I asked for a bit more hell and voilà.

Happy Trails

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