All the Marbles

All the Marbles
or: the Serious Business of Being Silly

It's been a bad couple of weeks there hasn't it. John McCain, Aretha Franklin. In our own little world we lost Russ Heath, Gary Freidrich and Marie Severin...

I say we need a good laugh... and who better to turn to than Marie Severin. Her heroes were super. Her run on Kull with her brother John is the stuff of legend. But if was the funny where her true genius lay. When she got down to the serious business of being silly, nobody could beat her. Nobody.

For Marie, and everyone else, my all time favorite Marie character, The Inedible BULK in pitched battle with the Wolveroon as they knuckle down for keepsies in "All the Marbles!"

Love and mercy,

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I loved Marie's art as a kid but it was her run on Submariner that made her one of my favorite artists. You are right though, the Severin's run on Kull was perfect and for me all too short, as I felt was Marie's time here. She lived to an old age but when it comes to life I find I'm greedy and could do without death altogether. Tired of losing my childhood heroes. Thanks for not taking Memorial Day off, I always look forward to your blog posts.


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