Depraved Oysters

Depraved Oysters
or: Culinary Misadventures

Not sure what I did. Left the chicken in the fridge too long? Under cooked? Maybe it was just a stomach flu. Whatever it was, it laid me out the last couple of days. I'm better now (long as I don't sit up or stand too long) but, I'm just not up to drawing. So it's off to the vault we go.

In keeping with the "you are what you eat" theme I've selected a story from my 24 hour comic called, "The Cat Who Ate Corn!" Good buddies Nat Gertler and Scott McLoud had been trying to rope me in on 24 comic book day. I told them they were nuts.

That night I determined to draw a 4 page mini-comic explaining why I wasn't going to participate. I do some thumbnails and hit the rack. In the morning, I go to the board and think, "What WOULD I have done if I decided to play?" Now, I've already lost 10 hours off the clock by virtue of thumbnails and sleep. That leaves me 14 hours for a 24 hour job (EEK!!!) Corners will have to be cut.

That's when it hits me. Scott's told me a number of times that I have the best stories. Not fiction, real stories: anecdotes, memories and misadventures. No fiction would save a boatload of time so, I racked my brain for stories Scott hadn't heard yet. Outside the 4 page intro "The Man Who Came To His Senses" the only exception I made was the story presented here. I made the exception because we almost lost Sally when I told this one. She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. At least there'd be one good laugh in the book.

Ladies and gents, the late, great Who in , "The Cat Who Ate Corn"

Happy Trails

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