Playin' Thru

Playin' Thru

or: Game of Death


Over a quarter million dead from the Trump virus... and the virus-in-chief plays golf.


A request...


The super-spreader season is upon us. What would you give to save the life of a loved one? What would you be willing to do if it could save the lives of untold thousands of people? What if all it took was to surrender a single holiday season? Two dinners and one party out of an entire lifetime so that someone else could actually have a lifetime.


"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." Stephen Stills


Stay home. Hug your honey, hug your kids, hug your guppy but, stay home.


Wash those hands and put on your @#$%! masks.


Happy Trails


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Amen, Smitty. Take care


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