Ducks In a Truck

Ducks In a Truck
or: Gopher This, Gopher That

This weeks reach into the Box of Mystery™ yields Howard the Duck #32. I about have a heart attack looking at the cover until I realize it's not mine... whew!

Even before I first showed up at Marvel's doorstep I operated under a "no saying no" policy. Whatever ya' got, it's my favorite book ever and I'd kill to do it. Daredevil, great! Iron Man, great! Falcon, great... whatever ya' got. Then I landed Dr Strange and Howard the Duck (both bi-monthlies) as regular gigs. Not Spider-Man but, for a nameless kid off the street, not a bad haul, assignment wise. It would take a while but, I could carve out a name with these.

Then Al Milgrom needs help on Marvel Fanfare with an X-story and...

I've already done a Howard here. I suppose I could do our villain, the Gopher. I'm going with America's favorite trucker, our co-star, CC Ryder. CC almost showed up again in the never published bizarre pets edition of Bizarre Adventures in a story about her pet mountain but, nooooooo. Maybe I'll stumble on it one day and put it up here.

Happy Trails

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