the Beer Belly Putsch

the Beer Belly Putsch

or: the Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich


Make no mistake, 1/6/2021 was a putsch, an attack on America and democracy by armed storm troopers at the behest of America's would be Fuhrer. Now, Republicans want to shift blame from their own personal terrorists and place it on antifa. 


Antifa stands for anti Fascism aka the Greatest Generation and the generations they spawned. In their eyes, General Eisenhower, Patton, Audie Murphy are the enemy. The Red Tails, Purple Heart battalion and Screaming Eagles are traitors. My father, your father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins were doing the business of evil when they defeated the forces of Trumpism in 1945. Even Nazi Germany came on board at the end when the entire world agreed that Trumpism has no place in civilized society.


Those that blame antifa, oppose the election, support the attack on our Capitol are calling for a fourth Reich. Members of Congress and the Cabinet that fail to remove the Virus-in-Chief immediately are calling for a fourth Reich.


Remember girls and boys, the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch was where it started.


Wash those hands and put on your @#$%! masks!


Happy Trails


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Chris Haizlip's picture

Antifa has become the bogeyman in the closet for these ignorant fucks. If they had any sense they'd realize it's not an organization, but an ideology, and one that only the staunchest nazi would oppose. They're standing in the ashes of what their lies have wrought, and continuing to lie through their fascist teeth.
Smitty's picture

Congress and the cabinet need to have a race to see which body can be the first to remove the Traitor-in-Chief from office. Any who vote against impeachment, any that refuse to enact the 25th Amendment are actively fighting to destroy democracy.


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