Out of Time

Out of Time

or: So Close...


Thought I was going to have something shiny and new to show but... it's not going to happen. If I rush it I could kill it and I see no need to do that to a poor innocent drawing.


On another note, a tremendous thank you to the jurors and alternates in the latest trial of the former Traitor-in-Chief. I can't help but wonder if we'd done this 50 years ago maybe we could've avoided having to do it now. There's another word for absolute immunity and that word is King. No Kings allowed is the cornerstone of American democracy.


Whatever Merchan's decision, let's hope the Supreme Court stays out of it and we can escape the long national nightmare inflicted on us by Gerald Ford.


Happy Trails


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except sometimes with enforcing the law! I agree, it would've been so much easier to deal with people who bend and break laws and regulations early on than after multiple numbers of crooked actions over years. The amount of whining has always put me off that particular guy. Get well soon U.S.A.!


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