Side-Kick Sunday

Side-Kick Sunday
or: Dum Like a Fox

Back to the grab bag where we find Strange Tales 151. Ditko's no longer doing Dr Strange... we don't like to talk about that :(

SHIELD on the other hand is about to get very exciting as Jim Steranko climbs aboard. First, here, as an inker over Kirby,soon as writer/artist.

I know I've done Fury here when waxing poetic about John Severin... Let's go with the world's greatest side-kick: Dum Dum Dugan.

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Dum Dum is the best! What hero doesn't need a big ox/arse-kicker of a sidekick? It's a classic of the genre- Reed has Ben, Tony has Rhodey, Krypto has get the idea. Interesting that you've got Dugan here out of uniform. I always liked how Steranko drew him as a big bear of a man in the SHIELD getup. Anyway, this is pretty damn great!


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