The Peanut Gallery

The closest thing to a sane reason for entering the arts is the sheer love of doing. That's far more than most of us ever get. Making the grade has it's perks: Money, travel, a certain degree of fame. Most perk-o-licious of all is your work coming back to you through the eyes of others.

We start with Lockheed the Dragon. Modeled by Alison and Jos Humphrey, two young ladies (10-14ish, ) I was lucky enough to meet at a Canadian show. Quite possibly my most prized possession in all the world. And, A&J, sadly I never did get my Cyclops pin ℅ Marvel. Someone pinched it :(

Chance vs the Mummies is by the late, great Mike Wieringo. Ringo owed me one for the intro and illo I did for his Tellos series with Todd Dezago.

Chance portrait by Barry Windsor-Smith. Pardon my name dropping but, Barry's a friend and I took full advantage. Barry, I still owe you one.

Leave it to Portia by Keen Soo. Keen is the creator of Jellaby (seen here doing a spot on impersonation of St George) and a contributor to the Flight Anthologies. Ringo and Barry I knew about. Lockheed I had a heads up. This came out of nowhere and, Keen, you still owe me a new keyboard.

The Mystery by Eyz of Switzerland. Another unexpected find on the web. Eyz really nailed the characters. Georgie is about perfect. Love Chance's eyebrows. I don't know if he meant to but it almost looks like a bandana around her neck; I may steal that.

Chance against the wall by Jessica Trevino. I've been unable to contact her so all I can say is: paper, fabric, photoshop; That and WOWZER!

Cap'n Hitch by Loston Wallace. I met Loston over at PencilJack, a sort of virtual clubhouse for aspiring derelicts… er, Comics Creators (ahem). Loston and I did a swap. I got Hitch and Chance, he got the Hulk v FF which you'll find hangin' out in the commissions area.

Thanx, one and all. Take your bows. Let's have a big round of applause for the inaugural members of the Born to Draw Studios Peanut Gallery!

Happy Trails

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Loston Wallace's picture

<p>Thanks for including my illustration on the site! &nbsp;It was a real pleasure to do an art swap with you, and a great treat to receive a beautiful Smitty original illustration! &nbsp;It will inspire me for years to come! I love to draw, and I love to help others to draw because drawing is fun! Artists like Paul Smith remind us that we should keep our standards high, but we also don&#39;t have to sacrifice fun in the process. &nbsp;I appreciate your kindness, Paul. &nbsp;I hope we get to meet and hang out at some point in the future.:)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
John Klein III's picture

<p>That Lockheed sure is cute!&nbsp; I wish I had one on my desk.&nbsp;</p>


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