Imra Gonna Let You Finish…

Imra Gonna Let You Finish…
or: the Legion Eats Quiche, Part Ducks

It's grab bag time kids. Once again we reach into a random box, pull out a book and well, you know the drill.

Drumroll please. Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polk… wait, that's not right… Eenie, meenie, chilli, beanie, the spirits are about to speak… Voilà…

Legionnaires??? Legion eats quiche ;-) What am I doing with… ohhhh, It's a Chris Sprouse book. It just happens to be full of Legionnairians.

Ladies and gentlemen, Imra Ardeen, aka Saturn Girl,. Then(ish) and now(ish)

Happy Trails

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