Your Other Left

Your Other Left

or: Reservoir Dogs


My neighbor and I took a march up to the reservoir today. In theory we were going to run his dog ragged but, as usual, Lobo exhausted the two of us instead. So, Uncle Smitty's too tired to play tonight. It's off to the vaults we go.


This week we're going with the un-inked layouts for Doctor Strange 66, The Chosen One. Eagle eyed readers of the day will notice something a little bit off: Doc's flying in the opposite direction than in the book! While it's not a law, generally speaking, action goes in the same direction as language, which for English speakers is left-to-right. I asked production to flop the panel to keep the story moving "forward". 


Enjoy the four day weekend as the nation celebrates my birthday. For everyone on the south east coast, stay safe and dry as best you can.


Happy Trails


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Frank A. Baldevarona's picture

This is one of the most memorable images I have from your run of Doctor Strange. It’s also from what is one of my most favorite single issue stories of all time. Thanks for sharing the story and the image! All the best!
Smitty's picture

try for more on Doc 66 and the origins of Arnie, the greens llama.
Gene's picture

Fantastic image Smitty. Truly an elegant layout, and a beautiful image of the good Doctor (...if only you’d pit this one up on your shop for sale! ). Happy Birthday
john y's picture

These pencils are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing...what a treat to see this!!!


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