Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past or: Passing Through Family's visiting so no new sketch for you. Instead we'll dig into the archives and present the original layout for the cover of Marvel Fanfare #4, my very first X-cover. I was still brand new in NY at this time essentially taking whatever assignments came my way. At that point I'd have been happy to do Millie the Model. As Al Milgrom was the editor who opened the door to comics for me, I was extra happy to help him out when he needed someone to finish off the Savage Land story that ran through the first four issues. Little did I know where it would lead to. Happy Trails Smitty

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great cover. So many characters.
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Loved this when I first saw it and still love it today! Great to see the pencils. You were a wonderful host when Roger McKenzie and I came and visited back in '83. Your kindness and generosity with your time meant the world to me. Wishing you well always.


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