The Big Count

The Big Count

or: 1+1=2


What a week. 


It’s good news, bad news on a national scale. Years ago, when starting on the Golden Age I designed a poster to set the tone for the series with the tag line “The war was over. The battle had just begun” Yeah, we’d smashed the Nazis and nearly removed Japan from the map but, the REAL fight was just starting right here at home. DC semi rejected it; they dropped the tag line and rearranged all the elements into a giant spoiler to stab the story in the back but, that’s another story. I only bring it up because it’s one of the first things that struck me when Biden-Harris crossed the line of 270 electoral votes.


We may have served eviction papers on the Virus-inChief BUT, nearly half the voting population voted to keep him in and more than half voted to maintain all those that put him in and propped him up. Half the country still wants to spread death and disease, execute minorities in the streets, rip children from their families and leave them in cages, vilify American heroes while lionizing it’s enemies, promote fascism, destroy fair elections, hold lies and fantasies above truth and science… the only thing they voted to change was their icon. They fully support the atrocities, they just want a prettier pig to put the lipstick on.


A few shout outs.


To TV Map Meisters Steve Kornacki and John King, WELL DONE! During a week of insanity they provided islands of reason and they did it with simple arithmetic. Kornacki was the more animated, like the new teacher in school who wanted the kids to get excited by the wonders of math. King was the tenured professor and the calm face of truth. Ultimately, and perhaps oddly, I found King more entertaining for his endless permutations on counting the votes. “How do you explain this?” “By counting the votes.” “What does it mean?” “Let’s count the votes and see.” “What happened?” “We counted the votes.” Like a pit bull with a ball, he just wouldn’t let go, “Votes are for counting, let’s count the votes.” 


For the biggest laugh of the week, thank you Paula White and her prayer rap. That was comedy gold. SNL give this woman a job.


Last but most important, thank you to the poll workers!!! For the hard work, the sacrifice and the sheer tonnage of garbage you were forced to endure, Thank You!


Happy Trails



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Justin Washburn's picture

Thanks for keeping them honest with your razor wit, Smitty!
Smitty's picture

Just tryin' to stay sane in a world gone mad.
John Yon's picture

Inching closer to the light at the end of the tunnel...what a relief after these past four years...


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