Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock

or: Abandon All Hope...


This weeks dive into the Long-Box of Mystery reveals Strange Tales #126. Up first are the Human Torch and Thing vs the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master, hijinks ensue. In back, we find Dr Strange entering the Dark Dimension of the Dread Dormmamu for the first time.


Up until now, Doc's tales have been small little tales of dreams, hauntings and Mordo's chicanery. With 126, Ditko starts what will be a near 2 year epic in which both he and Doc both come into their own. Worlds of weirdness and wonder culminating in a cataclysmic conclusion. Somewhere in all this, Steve figures his future is away from Marvel. Having taken Spider-Man nova with the Master Planner trilogy a few months earlier Ditko pours himself into Doctor Strange. With Spider-Man, Ditko simply fades away, the last few issues being solid but stand alone individual tales. With Doc, he turns up the heat, brings it all to a rolling boil and goes out with the proverbial bang, wrapping it all up in a neat little bow like a parting gift to the readers.


The journey starts here at the doorway to the Dark Dimension. Enter freely and of your own will.


Happy Trails


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