or: the Big Barker

Well, foo. This puts a period to it all, don't it.

We can debate 'till the Skrulls come home as to who did the heavy lifting at Marvel but, for me, it comes down to this: Like Uncle Walt at Disney or Jobs at Apple, somebody had to assemble the forces, put a bee in their bonnets and then turn them loose on an unsuspecting populace.

More importantly, someone had to stand out on the street corners, grab our attention and convince us that our lives would be less without the magic that lies within the House-of-Ideas. Magic that could be ours for a mere 12¢ per ticket (such a deal.)

Happy Trails, Stan and Nuff Said!

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Mike thomas's picture

This is the best example of someone “getting it” i have seen! Yes, the artists were simply geniuses. But he hired them because he knew that!
Smitty's picture

Assembling, goosing and loosing the troops was a great idea. Failures Hall of Fame is littered with great ideas. Stan's true genius and contribution came as the Huckster Supreme. Stan was one of the greatest snake oil salesmen of the 20th century. It just so happened the snake oil he was selling actually was magic (d'oh!)
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He was Cap yelling "Avengers Assemble!". He didn't need to be Thor or Iron Man (Kirby and Romita?) to keep the team going. Like Cap, he became the mouthpiece that the press talked to. I met him very briefly and took the WORST photo with him- he looks great, but I'm talking or something and...well, I won't be sharing that online. He was Elvis for us nerds.


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