Bulk Sad

Bulk Sad

or: Can't Win'em All


Well, foo. The Chiefs finally drop one but the AFC West is still theirs. I blame the networks. If I'd been able to watch the game I could've thrown pretzels and Dr Pepper at the screen which, of course, would've changed everything.


I suppose a thirteen game winning streak was too much to ask for. A four game streak, that we can do.


Happy Trails


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Gene.mardaga's picture

Could be worse. Look at the Jets!
JRN's picture

Assuming the Chiefs get the 2 seed... who do you want to be the 7? Chargers, Raiders, Colts, or Steelers/Ravens?
Smitty's picture

But, any of the above would just be warm-ups for Cincinnati who I suspect will be the only real challenge to facing off against Packers/Bucs


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