the Big BOO!

the Big BOO!

or: Sugar on Sunday




Happy Trails


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Paul, This Franken-Thing is so gloriously spot-on that I just HAD to show it -- and you -- all the love that the villagers won't! And that Sue Richards from last week -- it is one of the most stunning depictions of the character (a personal favorite) I've seen in YEARS. That hairdo is taken straight from the Romita box art from my first issue (#166), and I've always fixated on that image as one of my "go-to" depictions. of the Invisible Girl. (Look, II am NEVER fast enough to purchase anything from your site, but if this sketch of Sue should ever materialize in the shop section, I will run over broken glass to purchase it!!!) Jeff
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Another knockout Ben Grimm, Smitty!!!! Gimme all your Things!


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