Furious Filler

Furious Filler
or: What Price Inventory

This weeks pick reveals Marvel Comics Presents #78, an anthology title featuring, at the moment, the Weapon X story line. It may be unfair to judge the remainder of the book against the Barry Windsor-Smith lead but... it's just sad. My first thought is Marvel's dumping inventory files; filler material for emergencies. But the indicia says it's a bi-weekly. How many 8 page fillers could they have on file? Now I'm guessing it's a try-out book with an established lead as bait.

I get to draw Wolverine all the time. I'm going to go with Sgt Fury from "Romanian Rumble" wherein our lovable Howlers join forces with world famous Nazi hunter Count Dracula... seriously.

Wa Hoo!

Happy Trails

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Oh, it was DEFINITELY their "try out" book- a whole lotta swings and misses with a headliner to knock one out of the park added to sell the book and give the cover something to show for the .75 price tag! Nick and the gang with Dracula? Huh. Can't believe Roy Thomas never used that in The Invaders run....


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