Flight Path

Flight Path
or: Fate's Phone Call

This weeks grab bag reveals the Falcon limited series #2. That's me on the cover but Mark Bright inside. When I got the story for #1 it was a one shot story as far as I knew. Looking back, it's a pivotal book in my career arc.

Having spent the last 6 months bumming through Europe, I stop in at Marvel on my way back to LA. I've got all of two stories under my belt. Al Milgrom (my discoverer) is kind enough to see me. He's got no work to spread, can't think of anyone who does. He picks up the phone. He's about to call DC and see if he can get me an appointment there...

If that call goes through, it's possible everything about my career changes.

It's at this moment Jim Shooter pokes his head in the door, starts to ask Al a question and asks, "Who's this?" Al makes introductions and explains the situation. Jim tells him to put down the phone, somewhere in the House-of-Ideas there's got to be a story.

Falcon #1 was it and I never meet anyone from DC until after I'm embedded at Marvel.

So, flap, flap, hooray for the Falcon!

Happy Trails

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Nick Lenz's picture

I remember this series. I like what you did with the mask. Though I always found the character less exciting once they gave him wings. Are there any A List heroes whoses powers consist of wings? The closest I can think of is forties Hawkman. I will say I think the Falcon's flight powers are used to much better effect in the movies however.
Smitty's picture

But I wasn't going to tell Shooter that!!! Two stories under my belt (with one REJECTED) six months out of work, 3000 miles from home... I was saying yes to everything! "I LOVE the Falcon! Gimme,gimme,gimme!" Never a fan of the Flash Gordon half-cowl look, I tweaked the mask. Mark hated the domino mask and changed it back. Ain't comics grand? Other winged characters? The Angel comes to mind. Seems to me there was a Legionnaire, too. Do The horses of the Black Knight count?
Dusty Abell's picture

Wow, great "What if" anecdote Paul, i'm glad Marvel got ya first............ Like everyone else, I always wished you had finished off the Falcon mini........That first issue cover is in my top 5 favorites of yours. Love these random grab out of the long box pieces you're doing, who can imagine what might come up next! I hope you have a couple old Tomb of Dracula's in there somewhere........ that would be a mighty fun one to see!


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