Bands of Crimson

Bands of Crimson
or: Doin' The Juggernaut Jig

This weeks grab comes from a British X-Men Pocket Book reprint. A bit bigger than half sized, stories are printed two to a book in black and white.

The second story is a Dan Adkin's swipe file conglomeration. He's swiping: Wood, Kirby, Ayers, Trimpe, Kane, Colan...

The front story has our old buddy, the Juggernaut, on the rampage because, well, he's the Juggernaut, that's what he does. The one thing that sticks out is, that if I didn't know better (and I don't!) I'd swear that's a Gil Kane monster in the middle of a Werner Roth drawn tale. The face, the turn of the leg, foot placement, line shading not otherwise seen in Roth's run... what do I know?

The Juggernaut!

Happy Trails,

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