Kooky, Kooky, Lend Me Your Comb

Kooky, Kooky, Lend Me Your Comb
or: Kids In the Hall

For those who've been following, this weeks drawing comes as no surprise. Finishing off "Cap's Kooky Quartet" is Cap himself.

The quartet was probably the Avenger's youngest lineup. Cap just got fished out of the water, he can't be much more than 22-23. The twins are teens. For all his Methuselah jokes towards Cap, Hawkeye may be the oldest guy in the group.

This is where the Avengers starts it's shift from Earth's Mightiest Heroes to the Clubhouse of Minor Leaguers. But, we still had Cap and Don Heck's strongest run. First with Dick Ayers, then the immortal Frank Giacoia and, finally, a couple of issues Don inked himself that were just magic. Then he fell under the ham fisted bludgeon of George Roussos and, soon after... he was gone.

Thanks, Don! It was kooky good fun while it lasted.

Happy Trails,

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Jason Caldwell's picture

GREAT finish to the Kooky Quartet! I love seeing heroes depicted as regular people that just happen to do extraordinary things...If that makes any sense! I collect "Heroes taking five" - usually having a drink, but just hanging out is cool too!
Nick Lenz's picture

My favorite hero by one of my favorite artists, would love to see these inked and colored some time.
Jason Caldwell's picture

Y'know, you've made some great classic Avengers sketches lately- the "kooky quartet" , Giant Man, etc. Maybe do a Vision? Or get into the Kree/Skrull war with Captain Marvel and Rick Jones! Rick was sorta the everyman back then- the non-hero sidekick to everyone from Hulk to Cap to Captain Marvel to Rom! Hell,.I'd pay good money to see you do Rom!


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