Caught Nappin'

Caught Nappin'
or: Think Fast…

D'oh, forgot when I was… got lost in other things… this calls for convention speed!

Grab a book, any book… the "EC Horror Library of the 1950s." Flip some pages, pick a story… From Shock SuspenStories #9, Came the Dawn!  A legendary story for artists of my generation.

Wally Wood, maybe just shy of his prime, is at his manic, sexy best. The sheer amount of… stuff… that he crams into every panel is insane.  He's got pen and brush, grease pencil, zip-a-tone, heck he's cut in patches of Duo-Tone board… and our heroine… If there was one thing Wally knew how to draw, it was how to draw a pretty girl.

For Wally

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