Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow 

or: Oooh, Colors


Back to the grab bag! This weeks pull Is Mark Evanier and Will Meugniot's DNAgents #4


Mark's a pretty well known guy in the comics arena. Will less so because he spent most of his time in animation. He was my boss at Filmation for a brief time. He's not only a world renowned connoisseur of fine nostrils* but one of the great cheesecake artists of his day (yeah, I'll go to hell for that but, hey, where else was I going?)


The lovely Rainbow.


Happy Trails




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... there's an indelible depiction of Tigra the Were-Woman (Marvel Chillers #3 and #5), for which I remain eternally grateful! So any chance to tip the hat to Mr. Meugniot is welcomed!


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