Born Under A Bad Sign

Born Under A Bad Sign
or: Bad Luck Henry

Some guy’s can’t catch a break. All the story asked was that Henry Pym throw up his hands in surrender, accidentally striking his wife, Jan. What the artist drew was Hank punching Jan’s lights out. And that was the beginning of the end for what was left of Hank.

All this comes up because this weeks grab bag reveals the Avengers #28 and the return of Giant Man, hereafter known as Goliath... usually. Certainly an oddball character Ant-Man had one of the coolest designs in the beginning. Overshadowed, as Ant-man, by his fellow Avengers, he gets turned into Giant-Man, loses the helmet, gets suspenders, gets canceled, comes back as Goliath, sports antennae, goes nuts, builds Ultron, gets amnesia, becomes Yellow Jacket, “beats” his wife... If it wasn’t for bad luck, he would’ve had no luck at all.

After the original Ant-Man design, Don Heck and Frank (Ray) Giacoia’s version of Goliath is my favorite incarnation of Hank.

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I knew Hank as Goliath (via the Marvel Triple Action reprints of the 1970s) before I became familiar with him as Yellowjacket when he returned to the Avengers with issue #151 -- so this week's image (with the foreshortening of the lower vs. upper body to emphasize height) definitely a sight for sore eyes. A Marvel Triple Thumbs-Up!!!


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