the Big Sleep

the Big Sleep

or: So Close


The Bagels toast the Chefs. Foo.


After a promising start the Chiefs offense completely disappears in the second half. Curses and preztels were thrown at the screen to no avail. Mis-throws, dropped passes, sacks and fumbles doom the forces of good and darkness falls over the land. The Grim Reaper becomes the Dim Sleeper and the season is done.


Congrats to the Bengals. You earned it.


Sad and Unhappy Trails :(


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Gerry McDade's picture

Growing up a Lions fan, I can only imagine the heartbreak of coming so close! You'll get 'em next year, Chefs!
Smitty's picture

Like playing Easy Rider around the country rather than flying back and forth. Destinations are fine but you gotta enjoy the journey. We didn't make it to the promised land but it was a helluva ride... Go Lions


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