Tesla Power

Tesla Power
or: Barrel Full of Artists

So I get a care package from my web-master. We'll call it the Mailbox of Mystery. Whatever could be inside? There's some heavy photo-ref stuff, some soft core gay porn (?wth?!), some hard boiled and then there's "the Many Worlds of Tesla Strong"

It seems the gorilla, Solomon, and his pet girl, Tesla get into 64 pages of big trouble when Solomon gets lost on the far side of an alternate universe... but which one? The gimmick is, everywhere that Tesla looks, she gets a new artist. And what a list of artists it is: Art Adams, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Michael Golden, Adam Hughes, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Frank Cho, J. Scott Campbell, Claudia Castellini and Jason Pearson... whew.

Oh, yeah, hi-jinks ensue

The brilliant and lovely, Tesla (daughter of Tom) Strong.

Happy Trails,

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