Who Is Scorpio

Who Is Scorpio
or: Scorpio's on First

This week's grab bag Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1… sort of. Actually it's a reprint of the same name containing the first two issues of the original run.

Written and illustrated by infant terrible Jim Steranko, with it's wild layouts, psychedelic graphics, 12 panel pages, 4 page spreads, color holds, moire patterns… Jim's Fury run was quite a ride.

By this time Fury's been rather Sinatra-cised compare to his more Wallace Berry beginnings. He's now a stubble free sharp dressed man, perfectly coiffed, listening to cool jazz. Even his love life, the Countess Valentina Allegro De Fontaine, is glamorous. Dum Dum still has his 'stache but, he's been visiting Nick's tailor. Scorpio? Well he's the mystery and I'm not talkin'.

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One of my all-time favorite villains! This dude has the most weird/cool look and backstory. This is one of my earliest remembered comic stories.


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