How Blue is My Beetle

How Blue is My Beetle

or: New and Improved


Another of my favorite Ditko designs, the new Blue Beetle. As an added bonus, this time we get some actual motivation. Seems Ted Kord, our soon to be hero, has not only unwittingly aided his uncle in creating weapons of evil, but caused the death of the Blue Beetle as well, tasking Kord with carrying on in his name.


Happy Trails


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Greg Randall's picture

Holy jumpin catfish on a pogo stick…I can’t believe I’ve known about the character for decades and never knew his origin. Huh. Thank you for this, the image and the history lesson.
Shane Simek 's picture

Ted Kord doesn't get enough love! I've been a fan since I first started reading DC with the Legends mini series that followed Crisis! Wonderful take on BB, Paul!


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