Stranger In A Strange Land

Stranger In A Strange Land
or: Knucklehead Goes to Japan

All righty, pick box, grab blindly and... Shadow and Flame #2 (of 5) Lockheed and his pet girl Kitty go to Japan.

This was a strange one. Growing up military and traveling on my own I’ve lived and traveled all over the States and Canada. Traveled through Europe, lived in the Philippines. But I’ve never been to Japan.

I binged on what manga and cinema I had about the house, haunted Google’s image search and tried my best for a “we’re not in Kansas any more” experience.

Factoid of indeterminent interest: Mom, Willi and I show up on the title page. Willi and I are the little kids running through the crowd. Dad didn’t make it because he’s Will Bendix in Chance and I didn’t want people going, “Hey...”

Oddly, while I did Willi and me as kids, I didn’t use the lengendary Thomasa D. Cat from our childhood as the model for Lockheed’s disguise. Judging from the attitude and paunch, that was my cat du jour, Knucklehead. So named for his obsession with having his head knuckled. No matter how hard you dug into his head it wasn’t enough... and don’t even think about stopping.

Pets, they train us well.

Lockheed’s pet girl, Kitty.

Happy Trails,

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I love Shadow and Flame so much! I'll have to reread issue two again, thanks for the insight!


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