Bantu Warrior Blues

Bantu Warrior Blues
or: One Shot's Better Than None

Happy New Year to one and all and a Happy Birthday to the site. Logging in, I see I've been a member for 1 year 3 days…woo hoo!

Now here's one you've probably never seen. This weeks grab bag, Tommy Gunn's, Black Lion the Bantu Warrior! A one shot published by Heroes From the Hood Comics. I  forget the show I was at, I think it was back east, when a young fellow walked by, slipped me a copy and kept on going. I've no idea if it was given to a comics pro or if I was just another guy he gave a copy to.

The main story is pretty simple: Good guy saves neighborhood babies from bad guy. The fun is the direction from which it comes. Rather than a Judeo-Christian, European folklore tradition, it's from a distinctly African point of view. We're not in Leave-it-to-Beaver-ville any more, Toto.

The art is promising; crisp, clean, easy to read. A little shaky here, quite powerful there. An interesting combination of Kirby and Eisner with Michael Golden inks sort of look.

Presenting, the Black Lion and Tangalimbo.

Happy Trails


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John Klein III's picture

a mix of Kirby / Eisner and Golden on inks, is there a higher compliment or bar to set?
Smitty's picture

<p>I&#39;d have loved to see where Tommy went with it &nbsp;:(</p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv"> &nbsp;</div> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;"> &nbsp;</div>
Todd Dezago's picture

Wow~! A great find, Smitty. This looks incredibly cool! And what a uniquely disturbing villainess. I'd love to've seen it--and more of it--too!
Smitty's picture

<p>I even wrote him a fan letter but, it came back &quot;undeliverable&quot; :(</p> <p>Tanga, Bantu, uchawi, Kishi... it was like Bulfinch&#39;s Mythology only, African.</p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;"> &nbsp;</div>
Thomas Reynolds 's picture

Holy what? You are one of my all time favorites and you drew 2 of my characters? Mind is completely blown!


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