If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill
or: One Eyed Slim

I already put it off once and they had to come up again eventually... this weeks grab bag reveals X-men 165.

I’m still the new kid at Marvel and things have been going swimmingly if not a little fast when there’s a hiccup. I bring in the first few pages of my first issue and the silence in the room is deafening. People are wondering if they’d made the wrong decision.

The next batch sets no one on fire but, it’s people lounging around the house, it does what it needs to do...

It’s not until the third batch, with Storm transforming into one of the brood, that I sense a visual sigh or relief... the kid’s gonna do OK.

For no other reason than Chris was always writing him out and I was always sneaking him back in, I’m going with Cyclops.

Happy Trails

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Uncanny X-Men 165 is one of my favorites! You picking right up where Cockrum left off, and making the X-Men your own. Love that run!


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